Shaft Induction Hardening Machine 3

Shaft Induction Hardening Machine

Shaft induction hardening machine has scanning hardening and one-time hardening two methods.
The hardening depth decide the induction heating frequency range.
1. Less than 1.5mm with ultrahigh frequency.
2. 1.5-3mm with high frequency.
3. Above 3mm with medium frequency.

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Product details

Summy of Shaft Induction Hardening Machine

  The complete shaft induction hardening machine consists of an induction heating machine, CNC hardening machine tool, cooling tower, hardening transformer, and also induction hardening coil.

Shaft Hardening Machine

Features of Shaft Induction Hardening Machine

  The shaft induction hardening machine power supply with DSP digital control module. With leading technology, touch screen display, intelligent protection system and fault self-diagnosis, and online processing. So the function is more advanced and the quality is stable.

CNC hardening machine tool

  CNC shaft induction hardening machine is a mechatronics product developed by our company whose technical performance is in a leading position in the domestic industry. This machine adopts a CNC control system, with the power supply, all kinds of shaft parts can satisfy the rated parameter range of induction hardening process requirements, with continuous hardening, at the same time hardening, piecewise continuous quenching, stage simultaneous hardening, etc functions. Especially suitable for automobile, tractor, motorcycle, engineering machinery, machine tools, and other industries of induction heat treatment production, quenching medium storage tank and lathe bed design, reduce the floor space.

Shaft heat treatment

Cooling tower main features

◆ Circulating cooling medium closed circulation, no impurities enter, to ensure the purity of the medium.

◆ The water of water circulation USES soft water, does not form scale, does not block the pipeline;

◆ It covers a small area and can be moved and placed according to needs;

◆ Low energy consumption, simple and reliable operation.


◆ What is your delivery time for the shaft induction hardening machine?

Normally 20-30 working days after receiving your advanced payment.

◆ What are your payment terms?

Pay 50% T/T as advanced payment, the balance amount can be paid before shipment.

◆ What is your warranty period?

After installation and debugging, the warranty period is about 12 months.

◆ Can you come abroad for machine installation and technical training?

Yes, we can, our engineers have a passport.

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