Induction Pipe Bending Machine

Induction Pipe Bending Machine 1

1. DSP digital controlled induction pipe bending machine.
2. Match big volume cooling tower to ensure the machine stablility.
3. Easy to change molds.
4. It has three functions: automatic start, emergency stop and tight stop.
5. Professional design can do bigger pipe bending projects.

Induction Bolt Heating System

Induction Bolt Heating System 1

1. IGBT series Induction bolt heating system.
2. Small volume, big power.
3. Uniform heating result,energy-saving.
4. Automatic feeding billet to furnace.
5. Easy to change the induction furnace.

Solid State Induction Heating Machine

Solid State Induction Heating Machine 1

Solid state induction heating machine covers wide frequency and power range,with advanced IGBT and Mosfet technology.
Can heat all kinds of metal parts, like wire annealing, small shaft hardening, blades brazing welding and so on.

Induction Hardening Furnace

Induction Hardening Furnace

1. Induction hardening furnace with Siemens IGBT.
2. CNC control part with Siemens controller.
3. Famous brand water cooling tower.
4. National patented hardening transformer.
5. Professionally designed induction coil.

Induction Heating Furnace

Induction Heating Furnace 3

1. Induction heating machine match energy monitoring unit.
2. Can record, save and check the key production data.
3. Adopt Siemens PLC control center.
4. Professional Induction coil design.

Shaft Induction Hardening Machine

Shaft Induction Hardening Machine 3

Shaft induction hardening machine has scanning hardening and one-time hardening two methods.
The hardening depth decide the induction heating frequency range.
1. Less than 1.5mm with ultrahigh frequency.
2. 1.5-3mm with high frequency.
3. Above 3mm with medium frequency.

Gear Hardening Machine

Gear Hardening Machine 4

Gear hardening machine is our classic star products.
1.Rich gear heat treatment videos.
2.DSP digital induction heating power.
3.High precision CNC hardening machine.
4.Professional induction coil design.
5.For whole gear and single tooth hardening.

Ring Induction Hardening Machine

Ring Induction Hardening Machine 2

1. Automatic ring induction hardening machine system.
2. Used for ring single tooth or raceway scanning hardening.
3. Rectangular linear guide rail is adopted
4. Touch screen and PLC/Siemens 808D/828D.
5. Working station 1 or 2.
6. Good hardening result.

Induction Hardening Machine

Induction Hardening Machine 1

1. Induction hardening machine with IGBT series circuit.
2. Perfect self-protection functions.
3. Match multi-ratio hardening transformers.
4. No high working voltage.
5. One button operation, easy to learn.
6. Perfect after sales service.
7. 24 hours online service.

Induction Tempering Machine

Induction Tempering Machine 1

20 Years in induction tempering machine manufacturing, we have rich experience in the heat treatment fields.
We have helped thousands of heat treatment factories find suitable induction heating solutions, machines export all over the world.
Qualified products let our customers rest assured.


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