Solid State Induction Heating Machine 1

Solid State Induction Heating Machine

Solid state induction heating machine covers wide frequency and power range,with advanced IGBT and Mosfet technology.
Can heat all kinds of metal parts, like wire annealing, small shaft hardening, blades brazing welding and so on.

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Product details

Technical advantages of Solid State Induction Heating Machine

◆ Compare to the traditional induction machine, our solid station induction heating machine heating efficiency is above 90%, saving energy 30-40%.

◆ 100% duty cycle, can continuously work 24 hours without stops.

◆ The induction heating coil can be freely disassembly when doing different workpieces easily to change different induction coils.

◆ It can be equipped with special output remote interface to facilitate joint control with external related equipment and realize production line automatic operation.

◆ Our induction heater is a much faster start, good quality, safety, stability, long using life. The machine is easy to operate and a green environment.

◆ Perfect alarm functions, like overheat, over current, overload, over-voltage, lack water, and so on to ensure the machine working in a safe condition.

Applications of Solid State Induction Heating Machine

Solid-state induction heating machine is mainly used in all kinds of metal hardening quenching, brazing welding, hot forging, and metal melting. Especially for the metal local heating and all kinds of different fields of metal heat treatment jobs.

◆ Heat treatment: For all kinds of metal parts hardening, annealing, tempering. Mostly for the auto parts hardening, like a shaft, gears, sprocket gears, valves, shifting fork, machine tool guideway hardening.

◆ Brazing welding: normally with Tin soldering, silver soldering, and copper soldering.

◆ Forging: Whole billet forging, partial billet forging, fastener forging, and non-standard parts forging, etc.

Solid State Induction Heater

Why choose our Solid State Induction Heating Machine?

◆ 19 years of induction heating field research. Our factory has a technical team, production team, sales team, after-sales team about 100 workers.

◆ We always insist on doing qualified induction machines, so all of our induction machines all adopt the imported components to ensure the machine stable functions.

◆ We have a strong technical team to ensure the supply of suitable induction heating solutions for each of the user’s heated parts.

◆ We are a direct factory that can make sure the delivery time in time.


◆ What is your power range?

Our induction heating machine power range is from 10-1000KW.

◆ What is your machine application range?

Used in the metal part heat treatment, brazing welding, melting, forging.

◆ What is your normal delivery time?

Normally our delivery time is 5-10 days.

◆ What is your warranty period?

12 months.

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