Induction Bolt Heating System 1

Induction Bolt Heating System

1. IGBT series Induction bolt heating system.
2. Small volume, big power.
3. Uniform heating result,energy-saving.
4. Automatic feeding billet to furnace.
5. Easy to change the induction furnace.

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Product details

Applications of Induction Bolt Heating System

  The induction bolt heating system is mainly used in the diathermy heating forging various round steel, square steel, bar material, round cake billet, round pipe, steel plate, steel ring, fastener, high-strength bolt nut, automobile U-shaped bolt nut, stainless steel bolt nut, bolt nut, bearing ring, flange, cross shaft, flange fork, universal joint and so on.

bolt induction heater

Technical features of Induction Bolt Heating System

● The induction bolt heating system heating result is much more uniform, the heating speed is faster.

● Automatic billet feeding device, energy-saving, green to the environment.

● Different shape billet just need to change different induction furnace is ok, the furnace is easy to change.

● Machine with small volume and easy to use with other production line devices.

● Match with an independent cooling water circulation system to ensure the machine can 24 hours non-stop working.

● Perfect self-protection functions, like over-voltage, over current, overheat, lack of water, lack of phase, lack of water, and so on.

How to choose a suitable Induction Bolt Heating System?

In order to choose the suitable induction bolt heating system, you can please list the following technical details to us:

● Your heating workpiece material and heating temperature?

Normally the high melting point material the power choice will be bigger, low melting point material the power will choose smaller.

● The heating speed request?

The faster the heating speed, you need, the bigger the machine power should be chosen.

● The longer the machine works, the bigger the induction machine power should be.

● For the hardening, brazing process, the power choice can be smaller, the frequency will be higher. For the annealing, tempering process, the power choice can be bigger and the frequency can be lower.

Our service

  Our company has the perfect pre-sales, after-sales service team, and professional heat treatment engineers, to ensure that you have a strong support team.

Presales we will do the detailed technical proposal along with quotations for your choice.

  In sales, we will pay much attention to the induction machine’s production details and do tests after the machines are ready.

  After-sales, our engineer will guide and train the user on how to use and maintain the induction machines. If needed our engineer can come to a customer’s factory for machine installation, debugging, and training.

  We will provide lifelong technical service after the warranty period.

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