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Our Company Development History

  Zhengzhou Ketchan Electronic Co., Ltd is a professional induction heating treating system eco chain supplier. We focus on providing our users with the whole turn-key induction heating project. Our factory is equipped with complete high-standard testing detection facilities and production lines.

  We always have been engaged in Induction heating technology and its related equipment research and applications since 2001, have won a lot of Hi-tech honors based on these years’ industry induction heating system experience.

  Zhengzhou Ketchan Electronic has become a national high-tech enterprise through the joint audit of the Science and Technology Department, Financial Department, and the National Taxation Bureau of Henan Province since 2008.

  In 2009, our company was approved to establish “Henan Province Induction Heating Power Supply and Control System Engineering Technology R&D Center” and “Zhengzhou Enterprise Technology Center”.

  Zhengzhou Ketchan Electronic has developed hundreds of induction heating machine products that have been widely spread and enjoyed by both the national and international market since 2001.

  In 2016, in order to meet the high-end user’s ′ demand both domestic and overseas. We produced much higher performance, higher precision, and a higher cost-effective Intelligent IGBT induction heating power supply.

  Zhengzhou Ketchan Electronic Co., Ltd has always regarded “More energy-saving”, “More reliable” as the induction heating machine product development direction. Completing the product’s automatic, intelligent, and robotic functions, which leads to the first national induction heating system technology. All of our induction heater products and technologies can provide excellent value for you through pre-sale, sale, after-sale first-rate service.

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New Logo Launch Announcement

  In order to adapt to the new strategic development direction of our company, adapt to the strong momentum of the company’s international development. After studying and voting by all the shareholders of the board of directors, the new English logo of ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN ELECTRONIC CO., LTD is launched from 20220-11-10: KETCHAN.

  KETCHAN is pronounced in English as “Keqian” in Chinese pinyin. KETCHAN in Chinese means to have the technology, and keep learning. And the color palette is changing orange to symbolize our company’s heat treatment field. In the future, the old and new logos will be used in parallel, and the logo in the old models will be replaced gradually.

  KETCHAN company will continue to focus on the research and production of induction heating technology and application devices and continue to provide stable, reliable, energy-saving induction heating equipment and fast response quality service for new and old customers around the world.





Why Choose Us


  • More than 20 years of induction heaters industry application experience, focusing on research induction heating system technology has obtained a number of national patents.
  • Relying on the research strength of famous universities, we constantly upgrade our induction heating power supply products and strive to maximize the interests of our customers.
  • With an independent heat treatment technology research and development team, establish a professional heat treatment laboratory, can fully understand the user needs, help customers find the most suitable induction heating technical solutions.


  • In strict accordance with the ISO9000 safety quality control system, from the initial production to the final acceptance, all with strict quality testing, and have CE, SGS quality testing certificate.


  • All of our induction heating machine system’s main components all adopt world-famous brands to reduce the equipment failure rate and stabilize the machine operation.
  • Omni-directional fault self-diagnosis and online processing system, more than 95% of common faults can be quickly dealt with, eliminate possible dangerous events, and ensure induction heating equipment and personal safety.


  • Adopt the IGBT high-speed protection technology and the induction heating machine frequency conversion is adaptive
  • Optical fiber transmission, rejecting electromagnetic interference.
  • With DSP master chip, full digital control the induction heating power supply, with high precision.
  • 0.1s fast startup, high startup success rate, and improved production efficiency.


  • Fully sealed chassis design, ensure the working environment no pollution, no noise, ring fire, no radiation.
  • Meet environmental protection and fire protection requirements.


  • Intelligent induction heating equipment greatly improves production efficiency, saves energy and electricity, and reduces cost.
  • A set of induction heating equipment can simultaneously heat a variety of workpiece specifications, to achieve a machine with multi-purpose, reducing the investment cost.
  • Manufacturers direct sales, door-to-door delivery of induction heating equipment, give the profits directly to the buyers, maximize the user’s benefits.

Why Choose Us

  Zhengzhou Ketchan Electronic Co., Ltd has acquired the ISO9000, CE, SGS, etc. Certification. Our induction heaters have been exported to the USA, Japan, UK, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Russia, and other countries and regions.

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Our Service

Before sales service

  • Establish customer files, free proving the relatedheating treatmenttechnology consult and induction heater selection guidance.
  • Clearly know the customer’s heated parts and technical requirements, find a suitable induction heating treatment solution for customers.
  • We can send rich experience engineers to our user’s factory to have a deep knowing customer’s technical data and request and make a suitable technical proposal and quotation for users.

On-purchase service:

  • During the production process, users are invited to our company to check the production process and heating test results


After-sales service

  • We provide technical support for all of ourinduction heating machineinstallation and commissioning.
  • We will regularly follow up with customers and provide heat treatment process improvement.
  • Our Warranty period is 1 year, after that, we will continuously provide favorable accessories support.
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Package & Delivery

  1. The induction heaters are packed with high-quality plywood cases, to avoid damage during the long transportation period.
  2. The big turnkey induction heating projects are packed with plastic woven cloth, which can avoid abrasion during the transport period.
  3. For a bigger volume size that is suitable for container shipment, we will load with containers.
  4. The domestic port of departure is Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, etc.
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