Induction Stress Relieving


WHAT IS INDUCTION stress relieving?

  In the precision parts processing period, there are many parts after being processed by precision equipment, there are always some places that do not meet the requirements, so induction stress relieving is very necessary.

  Induction stress relieving is to make all kinds of metal machinery parts are heated to a certain temperature, heat preservation for a period of time, and then slowly cooling, recovery in the workpiece, thereby eliminating residual stresses in the process is called stress relieving, can also be called annealing, the metal after cooling deformation is in below the recrystallization temperature heating, can get close to equilibrium organization heat-treatment process.

  Normally it can be used to eliminate the residual stress in the material after welding, quenching, installation, and other procedures, so that the workpiece still retains the hardening effect, prevent deformation and cracking.

1. Automatic Engine Valve Head Induction Stress Relieving System

1. Automatic Engine Valve Head Induction Stress Relieving System

2. Oil Drill Pipe End Stress Relieving

induction Stress relieving Oil Drill Pipe End

3. Axis Pin Ends Stress Relieving

Axis Pin ends stress relieving process

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