Induction Heating Furnace 3

Induction Heating Furnace

1. Induction heating machine match energy monitoring unit.
2. Can record, save and check the key production data.
3. Adopt Siemens PLC control center.
4. Professional Induction coil design.

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Product details

Technology advantages of Induction Heating Furnace

◆ Stable quality: with IGBT fast protection technology, to ensure the IGBT is not burning during the working period.

◆ Optical fiber transmission: We use optical fiber to transmit the important driving signal, to avoid the strong electromagnetic field interferes with the signal, increase the induction heating machine stability.

◆ Safe debugging mode: when doing the induction heating technology process debugging. Turn on the safe debugging mode can check the induction heating power supply load matching, frequency, voltage, current parameters, to avoid damage the heated parts, shorten the debugging time, improve the production efficiency, no harm to workers.

◆ Intelligent power control: adopt DSP processor control, parameters are fixed in the program, internal parameters will not be affected by environmental changes.

◆ Fast start-up, 100% start-up rate: under any load, any temperature condition, the machine from the start time to the full power time is less than 0.1S, the fast start-up time greatly improved the production efficiency, the induction heating machine 100% start rate to avoid the lack heating condition.

◆ Variable frequency adaptive: Adopt the PLAdaptive frequency conversion technology, reduce the IGBT hot.

◆ fault self-diagnosis: When workers operate wrongly or special conditions appear the alarm, the touch screen will show the alarm details and help you find the problem and solve it quickly.

◆ Human-machine interface: can connect computers.

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Machine Technical process introduction of Induction Heating Furnace

◆ Machine structure: all of our induction heating machines adopt advanced Rittal structure, vertical plate installation method.

◆ Product protection: Use good seals to ensure all the parts inside the machine are very clean.

◆ Components choice: All choose International brand components.

◆ Cooling system: with AC inside the machine cabinet.

◆ The whole machine process: all the parts have number marks so that it is convenient to find and maintain.

Induction Heating machine

Applications of Induction Heating Furnace

◆ Induction heat treatment fields

◆ Wire, steel strip, plates material induction heating jobs.

◆ Rods forging, pipe bending, stainless steel heat treatment jobs.

◆ Induction preheating jobs.

◆ Induction brazing welding.

◆ Mould induction heating applications.

Induction Heating Equipment

Our Service

◆ We insist on providing the more intelligent, more energy-saving, better environment induction heating systems for each of our users.

◆ As per each of our customer’s requests, we will recommend suitable induction heating systems.

◆ Regarding each of our sold induction machines, we provide the machine whole lifetime after-sales service.

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