Induction Hardening Furnace

Induction Hardening Furnace

1. Induction hardening furnace with Siemens IGBT.
2. CNC control part with Siemens controller.
3. Famous brand water cooling tower.
4. National patented hardening transformer.
5. Professionally designed induction coil.

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What is an induction hardening furnace?

  Surface induction hardening furnace is using the electromagnetic induction principle, so that to make the parts in the alternating magnetic field cutting magnetic field line, on the surface to produce the induction current, according to the alternating current skin effect, the surface of the parts is heated quickly in the eddy current form and then quenched abruptly. It occupies an important position in the field of heat treatment field, and this technology has been widely used in China and abroad.

Induction Hardening Furnace product line

How to choose induction hardening furnace frequency?

  The depth at which the induced current penetrates the workpiece surface depends mainly on the current frequency. Therefore, different frequencies can be selected to achieve different hardening layer depths. Depending on the current frequency, the induction heating can be divided into three categories:

● High-frequency induction heating machine: the frequency range can be 200-300KHZ, the hardening depth is 1-2mm, normally used for the small hardening depth, like small shaft and gears.

● Medium frequency induction heating: the heating current frequency range normally 2.5-8KHZ, the hardening depth is normally 2-10mm, used for the bigger size shaft, big, small gears.

● Power frequency induction heating: the current frequency is 50HZ, through the induction coil to heat the workpiece, the hardening depth can reach 10-15mm, suitable for roller, train wheels surface hardening jobs.

Advantages of Induction Hardening Furnace

● Fast heating speed and high heating efficiency.

● Because the workpiece just heat a partial, so the deformation is small.

● The workpiece heating time is short and the amount of surface oxidation and decarburization is lower.

● High surface hardness, small notch sensitivity, impact toughness, fatigue strength, and wear resistance have been greatly improved.

● Facilitate mechanization and automation.

● The induction hardening furnace normally matches the induction heating machine, CNC hardening machine tool, hardening transformer, induction hardening coil, and cooling system.

Applications of Induction Hardening Furnace

  Induction hardening furnace is mainly used for the gear, shaft, guideway, roller, camshaft, crankshaft hardening jobs.

Induction Hardening effect


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Yes, we can.

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Yes, we can.

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Yes, we can.

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Our warranty period is 12 months, after that, we will keep on providing the technical service including the heat treatment process and machine regular maintenance service.

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