Gear Hardening Machine 4

Gear Hardening Machine

Gear hardening machine is our classic star products.
1.Rich gear heat treatment videos.
2.DSP digital induction heating power.
3.High precision CNC hardening machine.
4.Professional induction coil design.
5.For whole gear and single tooth hardening.

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Product details

Structure of Gear Hardening Machine

  The gear hardening machine consists of an induction heating machine, CNC hardening machine tool, cooling tower, hardening transformer, and induction heating coils. When doing the different parts changing the different induction hardening coils is ok.

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Induction heating machine

  The induction heating machine is mainly used for heating the gears, our gear hardening machine match DSP digital controlled induction heating machine, more intelligent and stable functions.

CNC hardening machine tool

  CNC gear hardening machine is mainly used for the workpiece hardening and tempering applications, like shaft, gears, dicks type workpieces induction hardening jobs. It has continuous hardening, at the same time hardening, piecewise continuous quenching, section simultaneous quenching, etc functions.

  According to customer’s requests, can customize the different application CNC gear hardening machine tool.

Applications of Gear Hardening Machine

  For gears and other disk shape parts quenching hardening jobs.

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Our service

◆ We will reply to the customer’s email in 12 hours, we have our overseas sales team. Most of them have rich knowledge in the induction heating fields.

◆ Our after-sales team has overseas on-site engineering service experience.

◆ All of our induction machines warranty period is 1 year.

◆ We can provide customized gear hardening machines, including machine color, language, logo, and so on.

◆ Professional standard export plywood cases for transport.

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