Billet Induction Forging Furnace

Billet Induction Forging Furnace 1

We have been in the billet induction forging furnace field for more than 20 years. Our furnaces have a wide frequency range, can realize multi billet continuously heating at the same time.
The heating result is much faster and uniform, saving energy up to 30%, green environment.

Medium Frequency Forging Furnace

Medium Frequency Forging Furnace 1

Medium frequency forging furnace mainly used for brass bar, steel rod, aluminum bar heating forging jobs with
1. Compare to SCR, energy saving 15-20%.
2. Induction coil easy change and maintenance.
3. Heating copper can reach 3.5KG/KW.H.
4. Small volume, easy operation.
5. Green to the environment.

Induction Billet Heating Furnace

Induction Billet Heating Furnace

We are a leading induction billet forging furnace supplier in China, all of our heating systems equipped far infrared temperature measuring systems.
Stable quality, superior performance, provide the freedom to provide customers with efficient equipment solutions and quotations.

Induction Billet Heater

Induction Billet Heater 1

Our induction billet heater frequency range is 1KHZ-20KHZ, as its wide frequency range can be widely used in the round bar, square bar, plate billet heating forging.
Adopt contineously heating method, the heating result is uniform and energy-saving.

Induction Rod Forging Furnace

Induction Rod Forging Furnace 2

Horizontal induction rod forging furnace selects automatic feeding and automatic discharge sorting device, optimize the induction furnace dozens of parameters design. The “heating process design” concept, mainly satisfies the requirement of temperature uniformity.

Automatic Forging Equipment

Automatic Forging Equipment 2

The automatic forging equipment adopt PLC control,touch screen man-machine interface, flexible operation, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, easy maintenance and upgrade. Energy-saving, small burning loss and easy to start.

Induction Forging Furnace

Induction Forging Furnace 2

Ketchan induction forging furnace adopts mechatronics design, simple operation, reduce loss, constant power output, save energy 20% compared with the traditional equipment. Mainly used for the Carbon steel, copper, aluminum nonferrous metals forging projects.

Induction Forging Equipment

Induction Forging Equipment 1

Automatic induction forging equipment are mainly used for the round square billet heating forging forming application.
Because of its big power level, consistent temperature, and uniform heating result features,it has been widely praised at home and abroad.


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