Medium Frequency Forging Furnace 1

Medium Frequency Forging Furnace

Medium frequency forging furnace mainly used for brass bar, steel rod, aluminum bar heating forging jobs with
1. Compare to SCR, energy saving 15-20%.
2. Induction coil easy change and maintenance.
3. Heating copper can reach 3.5KG/KW.H.
4. Small volume, easy operation.
5. Green to the environment.

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Product details

Structure of Medium Frequency Forging Furnace

  20 years in the induction forging field, our medium frequency forging furnace matches with the manipulator, infrared temperature measuring device, billet material loader, and unloader can finish different shape billet heating forging projects.

medium frequency forging furnace

Technical sheet of Medium Frequency Forging Furnace

  Medium frequency forging furnace is mainly used for above diameter 12mm steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum material round bar, square bar, and another shape blank material, etc continuous heating forging. Not only can used for whole billet heating forging but also can use for partial forging, like billet end forging, billet middle part forging, and so on.

Forging model

Heat steel or stainless steel to 1050

Heat copper to 700




























Features of Medium Frequency Forging Furnace:

◆ Wide frequency range, 100Hz-20KHZ, as per the heated parts to choose the suitable frequency range.

◆ When doing the whole billet bar forging, the medium frequency induction heating coil length is 500mm-1m, heat several pieces of the bar at the same time to ensure the forging result.

◆ Medium frequency induction forging furnace adopts the continuous heating method, the induction coil inside load is uniform, during the heating process, Single bar feed load rises from room temperature to 1100 degrees, the huge load changes cause the machine actual heating power changes, to makes the actual power of the equipment be guaranteed to be above 85% of the rated power in the whole continuous heating process, so that the equipment can be effectively used

◆ When heating non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, the actual power of the equipment can also be utilized to more than 85% of the maximum power through the reasonable coil and capacitor design, and the heating capacity of the equipment can reach 3.5KG/ KW.h when heating copper.

◆ Compared with SCR if power supply, is not only small in size, easy to maintain but also can save 15%-20% of the power.

MF forging furnace

induction forging furnace

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