Induction Rod Forging Furnace 2

Induction Rod Forging Furnace

Horizontal induction rod forging furnace selects automatic feeding and automatic discharge sorting device, optimize the induction furnace dozens of parameters design. The "heating process design" concept, mainly satisfies the requirement of temperature uniformity.

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Product details

Working principle of Induction Rod Forging Furnace

  Medium frequency induction rod forging furnace use induction heating basic theory. “Induction heating” is using electromagnetic induction heating to generate the induction current heating method.

Brief Introduction of Induction Rod Forging Furnace

● A high degree of automation can achieve automatic operation.

● Select automatic feeding and automatic discharge sorting device, optimize the design of dozens of parameters of the inductor, referring to the design concept of a foreign inductor, we design and manufacture the inductor with high heating efficiency, short furnace length, a small loss. The concept of “heating process design” is introduced in the design, which mainly meets the requirement of temperature uniformity.

● The heating speed is fast and the oxidation takes off less carbon.

● The induction furnace body is easy to replace.

 Rod Forging Furnace

Technical advantages of Induction Rod Forging Furnace

● Stable heating temperature, small temperature difference, energy-saving more than 10%.

● Integrated design, stable equipment, long life, full load cold start.

● Frequency automatic tracking technology, harmonic distortion pollution is very small.

● Uniform temperature is easy to control, small oxidation and burning loss, a high degree of automation to ensure product quality, and achieve production on semi-automatic and automatic machine tools.

● The medium frequency induction forging equipment’s large power, adapt to the heating of large parts’ characteristics, IGBT solid intermediate frequency can not be replaced.

● Uniform heating, high-temperature control precision.

● Low energy consumption, no pollution.

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