Induction Billet Heating Furnace

Induction Billet Heating Furnace

We are a leading induction billet forging furnace supplier in China, all of our heating systems equipped far infrared temperature measuring systems.
Stable quality, superior performance, provide the freedom to provide customers with efficient equipment solutions and quotations.

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Product details

Working Principle

  The induction billet heating furnace adopts IGBT power device parallel resonance-based dual converter control technology. In this technique, the power and frequency conversion control independently, IGBT switching device and amorphous inductance are adopted to form the high-frequency chopper circuit to adjust power, using IGBT parallel resonant and frequency automatic tracking technology for precise control of the soft switch inverter process, make the work reliability of the equipment under high power is greatly increased, makes the equipment developed in the field of high power, equipment, and temporary load rate achieved 100%.

Main Applications of Induction Billet Heating Furnace

◆ Standard parts forging pressing.

◆ All kinds of billet bar heating forging.

◆ Steel tube end heating extension.

◆ Mould heating

◆ Induction preheating

◆ Motor rotor heating fitting

Induction Billet Heating Forging

Technical advantages of Induction Billet Heating Furnace

◆ Induction billet heating furnace adopts IGBT, KGPS variable frequency control technology, high heating efficiency, and big output power.

◆ With constant current and constant power control function, the metal heating process is greatly optimized to realize efficient and rapid heating, and the superior performance of the product is given full play.

◆ It has the setting function of heating, heat preservation, and cooling for three periods. The heating and heat preservation power can be adjusted separately, so the required heating and heat preservation process can be obtained, which is suitable for mass and repetitive heating places.

◆ It has the perfect self-protection functions, like over-current, over-voltage, lack of water, lack of phase, and so on. The alarm display functions make the machine working stable.

◆ No high voltage, stable functions, and safety operations.

◆ 100% full load design, can 24 hours continuously working.

◆ It can be connected with infrared temperature measurement to realize automatic temperature control, improve heating quality, and simplify workers’ operation.

How to regularly maintain an Induction Billet Heating Furnace?

◆ Keep air – cooled and water – cooled channels unimpeded at all times.

◆ The adjustable components of the circuit board inside the equipment are closely related to the reliability and safety of the equipment, and users and maintenance personnel are not allowed to transfer without authorization.

◆ Water cooling is adopted in the main power devices inside the equipment, and the temperature of cooling water is crucial to the cooling effect of the power devices. Please do not turn off the cooling water during the gap time when the work stops. For the user whose load continuity rate is 100%, the temperature of cooling water should be lower than 40℃, and soft water is recommended.

◆ Users who use ordinary water as cooling water should regularly (depending on the water quality, generally two months as a cycle), carry out descaling treatment on the pipelines in the equipment to prevent the equipment from damage due to poor heat dissipation.

Our service

◆ Non-human damage within a year free maintenance, lifetime maintenance.

◆ Provide long-term technical support and configure an induction heating furnace according to customer requirements.

◆ Can match the cooling tower.

◆ As per customer request, do the related induction heating assistant fixture.

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