Automatic Forging Equipment 2

Automatic Forging Equipment

The automatic forging equipment adopt PLC control,touch screen man-machine interface, flexible operation, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, easy maintenance and upgrade. Energy-saving, small burning loss and easy to start.

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Product details

Technical features of Automatic Forging Equipment

  We are in the induction forging field for about 20 years, we keep on updating our automatic forging equipment systems in the after years.

◆ Digital constant power control system (highly integrated control circuit).

◆ Various protection functions (over current, overpressure, water pressure, phase loss, under pressure, overload).

◆ Low failure rate, easy maintenance.

◆ Long-term work without temperature drift, stable working point.

◆ The main circuit gets rid of the tedious starting circuit and relay circuit, and the failure rate is low.

◆ The standard cabinet is selected to make the assembly reasonable and realize the standardization of intermediate frequency power supply.

◆ Smooth adjustment curve, high linearity, no impact.

◆ According to the change of load to adjust the transformer matching, save power.

Automatic Forging Machine

Applications of Automatic Forging Equipment

  Medium frequency automatic forging equipment is widely used in forging heating, bar material, round steel, square steel, and steel plate diathermy heating, filling temperature, quenching material on-line heating, metal materials local heating and overall tempering, annealing, and wheel, covers, rings, and discs, machine tool screw, half shaft connecting rod, bearing, etc, precision forging process), extrusion, hot rolling, heating before shearing, spraying heating, hot assembly, and tempering, etc.

 Induction Forging

After-sales service

◆ Technical after-sales service: professional engineers carry out perennial technical tracking service.

◆ The whole set equipment on-site technical service tracking period is 3-5 days.

◆ The warranty period is 12 months, to provide lifelong maintenance, maintenance services.

◆ During the warranty period, if the automatic forging equipment and components are damaged due to quality problems during normal use, the seller shall repair and replace the damaged parts. In case of failure due to improper operation of the user, the seller shall repair and charge the basic cost of the components.

◆ According to the requirements of the buyer to provide spare parts timely and concessional to ensure the normal operation of the equipment supplied by the seller.

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