Box Type Resistance Furnace 1

Box-Type Resistance Furnace

1.We are box type resistance furnace factory.
2.Professional design, stable structure.
3.High temperature resistance furnace.
4.Adopt international brand components.
5.Support customize different applications furnace.

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Product details

Applications of Box-type Resistance Furnace

  The box-type resistance furnace system is mainly used for the heat treatment of general small metal parts in the air environment.

Configuration of Box-type Resistance Furnace

● Furnace body 1set

● Electrical control cabinet 1set

● Thermal resistance 1 piece

● Movable stainless steel charging tray 2 pieces

● Soaking fan 1set

Technical data of Box-type Resistance Furnace:

→ Effective size: Depth 600× width 600×height 300×2 floors(mm)

→ Rated furnace load: 300Kg(150Kg/floor)

→ Rated temperature: 300℃

→ Rated power: 25KW

→ Working pressure: three phases 380V

→ Temperature control zone: 1 zone

→ Uniformity of furnace temperature: ±10℃

→ Soaking way: Fan forced

→ Soaking fan power: 0.75KW

→ Insulation power: ≤7KW

→ Furnace shell temperature rising: ≤indoor temperature +10℃

→ Heating elements distribution: left, right double sizes heating

→ Furnace door opening method: open it to left or right manually

→ Furnace Quantity: 1 piece

→ Furnace Chamber endoscopic components: High temperature resistant tempered glass

→ Overall dimensions: Length 1180×Width1080×Height 1200(mm)

→ Furnace weight: 1450Kg

→ We can customize all kinds of different box-type resistance furnace.

The electrical control section of Box-type Resistance Furnace

◇ Control Mode: Intelligent instrument PID regulation, silicon controlled

◇ Temperature control accuracy: 0.3 grade

◇ Temperature control deviation: ±3℃(When the heat preservation)

◇ Fault protection mode: Sound and light alarm, automatic power cut off

◇ Timed opening function: electric furnace automatic opening time can be set

◇ Open the door and automatically stop the fan to avoid heat loss

Main component material of Box-type Resistance Furnace

◆ Heating element: High-temperature electric heat pipe

◆ Electric furnace shell: Common cold plate bending, argon arc welding

◆ Furnace lining plate: All surface 321 stainless steel plate, plate thickness 2mm, argon arc welding

◆ Movable stainless steel charging tray: Stainless steel Angle frame, covered with stainless steel mesh

◆ Insulation refractory: cellucotton

◆ Temperature control table: AI-518GL0 intelligent instrument

◆ Thermal resistance: PT100

◆ Power component: SSR200A1600V solid-state relay

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