Plasma Nitriding Furnace

Plasma Nitriding Furnace 1

1. Fast surface heating speed.
2. Uniform nitriding result.
3. Plasma nitriding furnace can do stainless steel treatment.
4. Long using life.
5. Can customize furnace, color, logo etc.

Gas Nitriding Furnace

Gas Nitriding Furnace 3

1. Energy saving gas nitriding furnace.
2. Wide applications.
3. Adopt famous brand components.
4. Long using life.
5. Have CE, SGS certification.

Bogie-Hearth Furnace

Bogie Hearth Furnace 1

1. Most energy-saving Bogie-hearth furnace.
2. Movable material loading platform.
3. No foundation installation is required.
4. Famous brand components, long life.
5. Have perfect faulty alarm functions.

Box-Type Resistance Furnace

Box Type Resistance Furnace 1

1.We are box type resistance furnace factory.
2.Professional design, stable structure.
3.High temperature resistance furnace.
4.Adopt international brand components.
5.Support customize different applications furnace.

Bogie Hearth Electric Resistance Furnace

Bogie Hearth Electric Resistance Furnace 4

1. Well-brazed bogie hearth electric resistance furnace shell.
2. Excellent temperature resistance, can withstand 1300℃ temperature.
3. Low thermal conductivity and slow heat transfer speed greatly reduce the furnace heat loss.
4. Electric furnace has good insulation performance.
5. Electric furnace has famous heating elements, long using life.
6. Digital electric control system.
7. Perfect after-sales service.
8. Smart program control heating mode.

Well Gas Carburizing Furnace

Well Gas Carburizing Furnace 2

1. With new energy saving furnace lining.
2. Fast heating temperature, less hot loss.
3. Good uniformity of furnace temperature.
4. Can realize PLC program control.
5. Multi-temperature atmosphere.
6. Can custom different well gas carburizing furnace.


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