Portable Induction Heating Machine

Portable Induction Heating Machine 1

1. Intelligent DSP controlled portable induction heating machine.
2. IGBT digital control circuit, more stable functions.
3. High control precision module.
4. Smart protection alarm system.
5, Machine body with good seals.

Mobile Induction Heater

Mobile Induction Heater 1

1. Mobile induction heater with 5-20m cables.
2. With DSP intelligent control module.
3. High control precision.
4. Optical fiber transmission signal.
5. Fast start up speed.

Handheld Induction Heater

Handheld Induction Heater 1

1. All handheld induction heaters with Siemens IBGT.
2. Induction heating one-stop service.
3. We have variety for different heating applications.
4. Induction heater quality assurance.
5. Easy to operate and install.
6. Perfect after-sales service.

Flexible Induction Heater

Flexible Induction Heater 3

1. Flexible induction heater with intelligent DSP technology.
2. With temperature control device ensure the uniform heating result.
3. Small volume, light weight, high precision, and easy movement.
4. Easy to change different induction coils.
5. Have CE, SGS certification.
6. We are a direct supplier.

Mini Induction Heater

Mini Induction Heater 1

1. Mini induction heater with wheels,easy to move.
2. Customize 3-60m cables,flexible movement.
3. Can work in the complex heating condition.
4. HIM touch screen.
5. No high voltage, safe operation.
6. Easy to install, energy-saving.

Portable Induction Brazing Machine

Portable Induction Brazing Machine 1

1. All-in-one portable induction brazing machine with chiller.
2. Have wheels easy to moving heating.
3. High control precision, suitable for different heating coil.
4. Stable design to ensure IGBT running well.
5. More efficiency, high power factor.
6. Can control the heating temperature.

Handheld Heating Machine

Handheld Heating Machine 1

1. IGBT digital handheld heating machine.
2. Display the heating data in real time.
3. Perfect alarm functions,easy to find problem.
4. With wide heating application ranges.
5. Advanced DSP control circuit.

Portable Handheld Induction Heater

Portable Handheld Induction Heater 1

1. Portable handheld induction heater with wheels, easy move.
2. Handheld heating load, more energy intensive.
3 .Easy to operate, good to environment.
4. Intelligent control system.
5. Adopt famous international brand.

Handheld Induction Brazing Machine

Handheld Induction Brazing Machine 2

KQY3 handheld induction brazing machine series with the heating head lead is 3 ~ 5 meters long, the brazing equipment power is 5 ~ 100KW, the machine frequency range is about 150KHZ, can be used for transformer joint induction brazing welding, copper pipe online induction soldering brazing, surface heating coating, and other heating field applications.

However, because of the heating materials, magnetic induction performance varies greatly, the heating requirements are different, and the shape and size of the induction ring are different as well, so the handheld induction brazing machine needs to be adjusted accordingly to achieve good heating effects. At present, most of our KQY3handheld induction brazing machine has been developed entirely for braze welding copper pipes, and this equipment may not be suitable for other purposes. Therefore, when ordering equipment, we need to provide the corresponding information:

(1) The heating workpiece material and size?

(2) Heating purpose and heating temperature, as well as heating time requirements and other information? So that we can suggest suitable handheld induction brazing machine models.

Portable Induction Welding Machine

Portable Induction Welding Machine 2

1. Portable induction welding machine for refrigeration pipe brazing.
2. With Siemens IGBT module, more stable functions.
3. Match temperature measure device.
4. Differet faulty alarm,easy to find the problem.
5. With HIM touch screen, set different language.
6. Supply customized logo, color and so on.


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