Mini Induction Heater 1

Mini Induction Heater

1. Mini induction heater with wheels,easy to move.
2. Customize 3-60m cables,flexible movement.
3. Can work in the complex heating condition.
4. HIM touch screen.
5. No high voltage, safe operation.
6. Easy to install, energy-saving.

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Product details

Technical features of the Mini Induction Heater

● DSP digital control

  Compare with the traditional analog induction heaters, the digital mini induction heater functions are more stable when working in a different environment. The IGBT can work well under the best soft switch condition, avoid the inverter efficiency decrease caused by the inverter state deviate from the best state. Solved the IGBT aging and broken problems, reduce the machine maintenance cost.

● Ultrahigh precision control

  This mini induction heater with high precision power, frequency control technology. All the control processes, data processing data, parameters calculation are all in the intelligent chip, the control precision can reach NS level. Combined with the load matching technology, show the load matching conditions in real-time, make sure the machine working in the besting power factor ranges.

● Intelligent protections

  This mini induction heater has the fault judgment protection circuit and rich alarm functions, like over-current, overheat, over-voltage, lack phase, over frequency, IGBT faulty, etc, alarm, can help the user fast find the troubleshooting source.

● Seal protection

  Our machine box is customized ones with a good seal so that no dust can come inside the machine box, to ensure all the machine parts are working in a clean environment.

Applications of the Mini Induction Heater

● Induction heating&hot forging.

● Induction brazing welding soldering.

● Induction metal melting.

● Induction hardening, tempering, and annealing.

Small Induction Heater

Our Service

● Pre-sale: Make clear about the heated parts, choose the suitable induction machine. Calculate the basic price for customer reference.

● In-sales: Machine installation, adjust the heating process, train the customer how to use the machine, and then confirm the final finished machine.

● After-sales: We will track the machine working using condition, fast to solve the problems, to ensure the machines serve our users well.

● We can customize all kinds of different mini induction heaters for your choice.

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