Flexible Induction Heater 3

Flexible Induction Heater

1. Flexible induction heater with intelligent DSP technology.
2. With temperature control device ensure the uniform heating result.
3. Small volume, light weight, high precision, and easy movement.
4. Easy to change different induction coils.
5. Have CE, SGS certification.
6. We are a direct supplier.

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Product details

​Applications of Flexible Induction Heater

  The flexible induction heater is mostly used in the induction brazing welding fields. It is with the handheld induction head. Because of its fast temperature, energy control, fast working efficiency running features, it is perfect to use in the welding fields.

  The flexible induction heater is mostly used in the motor maker factory, transformer factory, rail electric locomotive, air conditioning refrigerator compressor, etc industries, suitable for the copper, aluminum, stainless steel material brazing welding projects.

handheld Induction Heater

Advantage Features of Flexible Induction Heater

● Green to the environment, safety operation, can work in the vacuum and gas protection conditions.

● Easy to realize the automatic brazing welding.

● The good heating result, energy-saving.

● The flexible induction heater cable length can be customized.

● The connection water cable is soft and with a durable long lifetime design.

● Current and power fast response, fast heating speed, the coil can auto-identity.

Why choose our Flexible Induction Heater?

  Zhengzhou Ketchan Induction heaters with perfect temperature controllers can good working in different heating applications fields. Whatever your heated parts are bigger or smaller ones. Whatever how complex your heating parts shape and process. Depend on our rich experience and professional technical teams, we always can find the most suitable induction heating solutions for you.

Technical parameters of Flexible Induction Heater

● Power range: 5-300kw.

● Frequency range:0.1-100khz

● Power factor: more than 0.96

● Resonance mode: series resonance.

● Power adjustment mode: Soft switch pulse width modulation

● Control precision:0.1%

Machine mode choice suggestions

It is recommended to use this model in the following cases:

● The power supply voltage is stable.

● Your heated parts variety is not much.

● You need a high heating uniform with strict temperature control.

● The heated parts do not move, the coil moves.

● For more complex requests, we can supplier customized induction heating solutions.

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