Mobile Induction Heater 1

Mobile Induction Heater

1. Mobile induction heater with 5-20m cables.
2. With DSP intelligent control module.
3. High control precision.
4. Optical fiber transmission signal.
5. Fast start up speed.

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Product details

Technical features of Mobile Induction Heater

● High temperature: heating temperature can reach more than 1500 degrees.

● Rapid heating: To reach the target temperature quickly.

● All kinds of materials: suitable for all kinds of metal materials, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, titanium, etc.

● Hand-held coaxial transformer: Easy to handle and can be automatically integrated into a robot arm.

● Quick replacement coil/inductor: The induction coil/inductor is made into different shapes and sizes and can be easily removed from HHT to replace another coil.

● Enable temperature control: Precise temperature control during heating using TC or INFRARED probe.

● Fast PID temperature control + energy control + temperature control, to ensure the consistency of welding;

● The car can be equipped with positioning casters, which can be used for fixing places or moving.

● The mobile induction heater is suitable for butt welding of copper pipe and copper pipe, copper pipe, and steel pipe, steel pipe and steel pipe, copper pipe, and stainless steel, etc.

induction heater

Technical parameters of Mobile Induction Heater




Control precision

Resonance mode

Medium frequency





High frequency





Our Services

1.Pre-sales service

● According to the customer’s basic heating request, suggest a suitable mobile induction heater for the user.

● Communicate the machine details and heating process.

● We support sending us parts samples for testing.

● Welcome, users visit our factory.

2.In-sales service

● We will follow the production process.

● After the machine finishes assembly, we will test the machine to confirm meet our customer’s requests.

● Before delivery, we will strictly check the machine spare parts and to ensure the delivery of the goods on time.

3.After-sales service

● All of our induction machine warranty periods are 1 year.

● After the warranty period, we will provide the related technical process service and give the basic cost of the spare parts.

● If a customer needs our engineers overseas service, we can also go abroad.

Package and shipping

Normally the package is standard plywood cases, ship by sea and air.

Mobile induction heater shipment

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