Handheld Heating Machine 1

Handheld Heating Machine

1. IGBT digital handheld heating machine.
2. Display the heating data in real time.
3. Perfect alarm functions,easy to find problem.
4. With wide heating application ranges.
5. Advanced DSP control circuit.

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Product details

Technology introduction of Handheld Heating Machine

● Machine structure: With advanced Rittal structure, vertical plate installation method, PCB module design, can avoid dust come inside the box. Water and electricity isolation design, easy to maintain.

● Machine seals: With a good protection seal, can reach the IP54 protection grade. The machine can be working in a complex environment, make sure all the machine parts always working in the best performance.

● The machine components choice: All the parts used in our handheld heating machine all adopt international brand, the machine can stable running.

● Radiator system: Use AC inside the induction heating machine, consistent temperature control, insolate with the outside environment. The water cooling system with pure stainless steel structure.

● The whole machine design process: each contractor has the mark number, easy to check, and maintain, the wire with different colors.

● As per the customer’s request, we can also custom different shapes, colors, logo induction heating systems.

How to choose a suitable induction Handheld Heating Machine frequency?

It is important to choose a suitable handheld heating machine power and frequency level in the real application period. The higher power, the faster the heating speed. The higher the frequency range, the less heating depth. The lower frequency is good for through h heating jobs.

◆ High frequency range:20-100KHZ.

◆ Medium frequency range:0.1-20KHZ.

◆ Ultrahigh frequency range:100-1100KHZ.

Applications of Handheld Heating Machine

◆ Induction brazing welding: Normally with brazing welding, silver brazing, copper brazing, and so on.

◆ Induction hot forging: For all kinds of billet heating forging projects.

◆ Hot assembly and disassembly

◆ Induction metal melting: For all kinds of metal heating melting projects.

◆ Induction heat treatment: Mainly for auto parts surface hardening, quenching, annealing, tempering, and so on.

◆ Induction annealing: metal induction tempering, induction hardening tempering applications.

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● What is your main circuit mode?

Intelligent DSP control, series, and parallel resonance.

● What is your delivery time?

In 5-15 working days after getting the payment.

● What are your payment terms?

T/T, L/C

● You are a supplier or dealer?

We are a direct supplier, not a dealer.

● Do you have CE, SGS certification?

Yes, I do, we have CE, SGS certification.

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