Air Cooled Industrial Chiller 5

Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

1. Shell and tube condenser with high efficiency copper tube.
2. Compact structure, sufficient cooling capacity, high efficiency, easy to clean and maintain.
3. International famous brand compressor, lower noise, less vibration, higher efficiency, better performance, lower failure rate.
4. This air cooled industrial chiller is easy to operate, just press the switch, the unit can run automatically.
5. Abundant protection device ensures long - time safe operation of the unit.

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Product details

Introduction of Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

  The refrigeration heart of the air cooled industrial chiller adopts modern advanced science and technology to manufacture the good quality, the appearance is beautiful, fully sealed, low noise, small vibration, energy-saving, and imported famous brand compressor. The electrical control is all imported famous brand original parts. Heat exchanger adopts shell and tube condenser, high heat exchange efficiency, easy to clean and maintain. With excellent energy-saving and economic performance, the digital electronic thermostat can accurately control the cold water temperature between -10℃ and 50℃, to control the normal operation of the unit and ensure that the unit saves energy. The assembly of all units, internal wiring, refrigerant filling, and debugging are completed in the factory. This model can be customized for both hot and cold. The body is equipped with a compressor delay start protector, overcurrent relay, high and low voltage protector, fuse plug, electronic time protection safety valve to ensure the long time safe operation of the unit. The air-cooled condenser is made of an aluminum heat exchanger with a steel tube, designed and manufactured with a single loop and multiple loops, and the coil heat exchange area is larger than the general standard design. The surface wind speed is uniform, the heat exchange is stable, and the efficiency is good.

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Why choose our industrial chiller?

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Features of Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

● Durable compressor, all the products used in the world-famous brands Such as DAIKIN, SANYO, PANASONIC, COPELAND enclosed scroll compressor.

● High-quality copper tubes made of condenser, evaporator, and world-famous components.

● The unit has a small size, low noise, large energy, long life, and easy operation.

● The condenser is made of copper pipe from a famous manufacturer imported from abroad, which is processed into the trapezoidal and low-ribbed pipe, which enhances the heat transfer ability, makes the surface of the copper pipe smooth, reduces the water pressure, and makes it easy to clean and maintain.

● Abundant protective devices: compressor delay start protector, overload protector, high and low-pressure protector, temperature control switch, antifreeze switch, fuse plug, electronic time protection safety valve, compressor overheat protector, compressor frequent start protector, abnormal indicator light, etc.

● Intelligent PLC, PC level computer control system, can do remote monitoring and control, with automatic loading and unloading, timing switch machine, and record the cause of failure and other functions.

● Low failure rate, high safety factor, simple installation, system control can be adjusted immediately, intuitive and reliable performance.

air cooled industrial chiller

Parameters of Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

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Applications of Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

  This air cooled industrial chiller is widely used in plastic, electroplating, welding, metal heat treatment, coating, electron, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, needle mushroom cultivation, grain and oil production, solar photovoltaic industry and air separation, environmental test chamber, automotive engine air intake system/whole room air conditioning, refrigeration, cold storage, etc.

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