Water Cooling Tower System

Water Cooling Tower System 2

1. Streamlined inlet duct with small resistance and large volume.
2. Closed circulation, no impurity entering, pure water medium, no scaling.
3. Robot welding heat exchanger coil, weld high-pressure resistance, good antifreeze effect.
4. Start and stop the sprinkler system according to ambient temperature.
5. The water cooling tower system adopts a modular and compact design, easy to move.

Industrial Water Cooling Tower

Industrial Water Cooling Tower 1

1. The service life of the subject exceeds 15 years.
2. This industrial water cooling tower has 25% energy saving effect.
3. No scale, no blockage.
4. The cooling effect is 17% higher than normal.
5. Small in size and easy to move.

Closed Loop Water Cooling System

Closed Loop Water Cooling System 1

1. Heat dissipation blind area is very few, heat exchange efficiency is high.
2. High-efficiency water collector.
3. Small size, easy to move.
4. This closed-loop water cooling system adopts the design of a high duct with sufficient heat dissipation
5. Adopt an international brand compressor and condenser.

Industrial Water Chiller

Industrial Water Chiller 3

1. Can do remote monitoring and control, simple operation.
2. High heat exchange efficiency, good stability, easy to clean and maintain.
3. This industrial water chiller is equipped with complete protection.
4. Excellent reliability of the whole machine.
5. -10℃-30℃ can be arbitrarily adjusted, with excellent refrigeration capacity.

Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

Air Cooled Industrial Chiller 5

1. Shell and tube condenser with high efficiency copper tube.
2. Compact structure, sufficient cooling capacity, high efficiency, easy to clean and maintain.
3. International famous brand compressor, lower noise, less vibration, higher efficiency, better performance, lower failure rate.
4. This air cooled industrial chiller is easy to operate, just press the switch, the unit can run automatically.
5. Abundant protection device ensures long – time safe operation of the unit.


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