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Continuous Type Heat Treatment Induction Tempering Oven

Ketchan Electronic specialize in doing the metal induction hardening tempering machine system, we provide the system process development, complete engineering design, machine system manufacturing, debugging and maintenance, after sales service etc.
For customer's different request,we provide resonable quotation and scheme.

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Product details

Technical features of Induction Hardening Tempering Furnace

◆ The induction hardening tempering machine frequency tracking range:0.1-600KHZ.

◆ Wide load adaptation range: Series resonance circuit is not afraid of the single turn induction coil, the parallel resonance circuit is not afraid of heavy load.

◆ Intelligent protection functions: Power adjustment range 1%-100%.

◆ With over-voltage, over-current, over frequency, short circuit, leakage, and other restrictive protection functions, but also with water pressure, lack of phase, overheating, and other conventional hardware protection functions, all faults can be remembered.

◆ The signal is transmitted by optical fiber.

◆ 100% start-up rate.

◆ Fast startup speed.

◆ Good repeatability and consistency.

◆ Multi-function extension interface: convenient connection with machine tool production line and digital communication interface can realize the centralized control of the industrial field.

Technical parameters of Induction Hardening Tempering Furnace

◆ Power: 5kw-3000kw

◆ Frequency range:0.1-600KHZ

◆ Power adjust range:1%-100%(digital adjustment)

◆ Power factor:>0.95

◆ Minimum startup time:0.1S

◆ Power stability:<0.1%

◆ The power supply can be adapted to a variety of incoming voltages(380V/575V/660V)

Applications of Induction Hardening Tempering Furnace

The induction hardening tempering machine system is mainly used for rolling heating, steel billet add temperature, hardening tempering, and forging, etc.

Hardening Tempering

After-sales service

  Once you bought our induction hardening tempering machine system we can provide factory installation and debugging service. After that, the machine warranty period is 1 year. After one year, we provide machine maintenance training and also heat treatment process update guidance.

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