Portable Induction Heating Machine 1

Portable Heat Treatment Device

1. Intelligent DSP controlled portable induction heating machine.
2. IGBT digital control circuit, more stable functions.
3. High control precision module.
4. Smart protection alarm system.
5, Machine body with good seals.

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Product details

What are the Portable Heat Treatment Device applications?

● Air conditioning industry, online copper pipe brazing welding.

● Transformer copper joint welding.

● The connection between evaporator and compressor(pipe welding, pipe with shell welding, pipe with box welding, steel and copper welding, etc.)

● The portable induction heating machine is mainly used for the welding parts not move, the induction brazing coil moving condition.

Mobile induction heating machine

How to choose a suitable Portable Heat Treatment Device?

Usually, because the heated parts material magnetic induction performance varies greatly, and also the heating requirements are different. So as per the different induction coil shapes and sizes, the equipment needs to be adjusted accordingly to achieve good heating brazing results. Therefore, when you order the portable induction heating machine, better provide us the following information for recommending the suitable machine models.

● The heated parts material and size, drawings are better.

● The heating application and heating temperature and also the heating time request.

What are the Portable Heat Treatment Device’s advantages and disadvantages?

● The heating head is small with lightweight, it is suitable for workers’ handheld operation jobs.

● The heating head is durable, good quality, and easy to maintain.

● There are one or more resonance capacitors inside the heating head, a simple cooling structure.

● Series circuit structure, high heating efficiency, and energy-saving.

● The portable induction heating machine is designed for special application ranges and its application ranges have some limits.

Main configurations technical parameters of Portable Heat Treatment Device

In the portable type induction machine, the power range is 3-300KW, the customized frequency range is 5-300KHZ.

● Induction heating machine main body

● Induction head

● Cables

● Induction coil

Business terms

● Customized induction heater delivery time is 3-7 working days after the payment.

● Payment terms are T/T

● Package: plywood cases.

● Have CE, SGS certification.

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