Platinum Induction Melting Furnace

Platinum Melting Furnace 1

1. This platinum melting furnace with digital display, intelligent control.
2. No flame design, safe production. Energy conservation and environmental protection.
3. High power, high heating capacity, high efficiency.
4. Can melting gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminum; High equipment utilization rate.
5. The life of the equipment is up to ten years.

Medium Frequency Forging System

Medium Frequency Forging Furnace 1

Medium frequency forging furnace mainly used for brass bar, steel rod, aluminum bar heating forging jobs with
1. Compare to SCR, energy saving 15-20%.
2. Induction coil easy change and maintenance.
3. Heating copper can reach 3.5KG/KW.H.
4. Small volume, easy operation.
5. Green to the environment.

Portable Heat Treatment Device

Portable Induction Heating Machine 1

1. Intelligent DSP controlled portable induction heating machine.
2. IGBT digital control circuit, more stable functions.
3. High control precision module.
4. Smart protection alarm system.
5, Machine body with good seals.

20t-70t Coreless Intermediate Frequency Electric Induction Furnace For Steel/Iron/Stainless Steel/Copper/Aluminum Alloy Melting /Casting

Metal Smelting Furnace 1

1. Free from local voltage fluctuations, the metal Induction melting furnace can be used 24 hours a day.
2. The power adjustment is flexible, convenient and can be continuously and smoothly adjusted.
3. Steel shell furnace high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, not easy deformation.
4. It can automatically track the load frequency and adjust the working current.
5. The power start rate is 100%, and the thyristor inverter system can save energy by 10%-20%.

Portable Hand Hold Welding Machine Soldering Machine

Handheld Induction Heater 1

1. All handheld induction heaters with Siemens IBGT.
2. Induction heating one-stop service.
3. We have variety for different heating applications.
4. Induction heater quality assurance.
5. Easy to operate and install.
6. Perfect after-sales service.

Continuous Type Heat Treatment Induction Tempering Oven

Induction Hardening Tempering Furnace 1

Ketchan Electronic specialize in doing the metal induction hardening tempering machine system, we provide the system process development, complete engineering design, machine system manufacturing, debugging and maintenance, after sales service etc.
For customer’s different request,we provide resonable quotation and scheme.

High Efficiency Billet Heating Furnace

Induction Billet Heater 1

Our induction billet heater frequency range is 1KHZ-20KHZ, as its wide frequency range can be widely used in the round bar, square bar, plate billet heating forging.
Adopt contineously heating method, the heating result is uniform and energy-saving.


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