Air Cooled Induction Heating Machine

Air Cooled Induction Heating Machine 1

1. DSP full air cooled induction heating machine.
2. With forced air cooling structure, no need for water.
3. Suitable for open field heating applications.
4. Easy to installation and use.
5. High efficiency, energy-saving.

Induction Preheating Machine

Induction Preheating Machine 1

IGBT Induction preheating machine with DSP digital controller.
1. Induction coil adopts open type design.
2. Power stepless regulation 10%-100%
3. No need connect cooling water.
4. 100% start up rate.
5. Advanced temperature control technology.

Post Weld Heat Treatment Machine

Post Weld Heat Treatment Machine 4

1.Post weld heat treatment machine main used for pipe heating.
2.With PLC touch screen controller.
3.Fully automatic visualization process curve.
4.Advanced temperature control technology.
5.Automatic high power factor control.

PWHT Machine

PWHT Machine 1

1. PWHT is small volume, easy to move.
2. Intelligent control system.
3. Smart protection system.
4. Industrial touch screen.
5. Automatic power adjustment.
6. 100% start up rate.

Pipe Stress Relieving Machine

Pipe Stress Relieving Machine 3

The P91 92 Pipe Stress Relieving Machine is with induction heating theory and is mainly used in the fields involves petrochemical, oil and gas pipelines, aerospace, shipbuilding, steel, boiler, ship, pressure vessel, steel frame structure, railway, bridge, mine construction, automobile manufacturing, nuclear power, mining industry and so on.


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