Induction Preheating Machine 1

Induction Preheating Machine

IGBT Induction preheating machine with DSP digital controller.
1. Induction coil adopts open type design.
2. Power stepless regulation 10%-100%
3. No need connect cooling water.
4. 100% start up rate.
5. Advanced temperature control technology.

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Product details

Products Summary of Induction Preheating Machine

  This series induction preheating machine adopts the innovative full air-cooled structure, Under the CENTRAL processor DSP digital control condition, the power device IGBT always works in the zero current switch state. The function of an automatic restart ensures the reliability of continuous operation. Compare with non-digital products, digital products have improved performance in all aspects.

Technical features of Induction Preheating Machine

● Main body full air cooled: No cooling water faulty, high stability.

● Industrial PID temperature closed-loop control: PID parameters are automatically controlled and adjusted, which can complete automatic heating control of different workpieces.

● Non-stop working capacity and strict testing after installation.

● All induction preheating machines are with the IGBT module.

● Output power 2-100% automatically adjustment.

● Designing using life is 15 years.

● High precision temperature controller, the workpiece small temperature difference.

● soft-switching technology can low power operation at startup time.

Why choose an air-cooled induction preheating machine?

  Adopt air-cooled circuit structure an accurate soft switching circuit, the high-frequency induction preheating machine normally adopts the resonance soft switch control can reduce the IGBT loss very much and can realize the automatic tracking of the resonant frequency.

  Air-cooled structure induction machines have more stable running efficiency and the using life will be much longer. Based on the accurate digital IGBT soft switch technology, the full air-cooled induction heating power supply not only improves the high heating efficiency but also eliminates the equipment failures from the water system.

  The air-cooled induction preheating machine lifetime is longer than the water cooling induction heating systems.

Technical parameters of Induction Preheating Machine




Control accuracy

Resonant mode

Medium frequency





High Frequency





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