PWHT Machine 1

PWHT Machine

1. PWHT is small volume, easy to move.
2. Intelligent control system.
3. Smart protection system.
4. Industrial touch screen.
5. Automatic power adjustment.
6. 100% start up rate.

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Product details

Application ranges of PWHT Machine

  DSP PWHT machine is mainly used for pipe heating, before welding heating treatment,post-weld heat treatment, mold heating, and so on.

● Preheating and heat preservation: Preheating before welding, preheating before bending, hot assembly, hot disassembly, mold heating, big and irregular metal heating, and insulation.

● Post weld heat treatment: vessels, boilers, and pipelines metal parts heat treatment.

● Pipeline heating: oil pipe heating, pipe water heating, pipeline liquid heating

This induction PWHT machine is mainly used in the fields of petrochemical, oil and gas pipelines, aerospace, shipbuilding, steel, boilers, ships, vessels, steel frame structures, railways, Bridges, mine construction, automobile manufacturing, nuclear power, mining industries.

PWHT Machine

How to choose the PWHT machine?

According to the workpiece size and heating temperature requirements, select the appropriate induction PWHT machine.

Generally, the larger the workpiece, the higher the heating temperature is, the more machine power needs to be selected.

The key is according to the workpiece size and heating requirements to design the suitable induction heating coils.

Low temperature rapid heating, choose air-cooled PWHT machine and the water cooled induction coil, sometimes can also choose water cooled induction heating machine and induction coils.

Why choose our PWHT machine?

● We always focus on the induction PWHT machine research, to use the high quality machines with lower price levels to feedback to our users.

● We are a factory direct supplier.

● We have a strong technical team to find a suitable heating solution for our users.

● All of our machine components are with international brands.

● We have CE, SGS certification.

● We have sweet after sales service.

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