Surface heat treatment of steel parts

Hot disassembly and hot assembly of bearing motor rotor

Operation method:

  Put the steel piece into the inductor to make the surface of the steel piece generate induction current, heat it to the quenching temperature in a very short time, and then spray water to cool it.


  Improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, and fatigue strength of steel parts, and maintain the toughness of the core.

Application points:

  • Mostly used for medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy structural steel parts;
  • Due to the skin effect, the depth of the UHF induction hardening layer is generally 0.1~1mm. The hardening layer depth of high-frequency high-frequency induction hardening is generally 1-2mm, that of medium-frequency hardening is generally 3-5mm, and that of high-frequency hardening is generally greater than 10mm. The quench hardened layer is affected by the frequency of the induction heating power supply, the heating time and the temperature of the coolant.

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