Automatic Induction Heating Machine 1

Automatic Induction Heating Machine

1.It is an intelligent automatic induction heating machine.
2.It is mainly used for HVAC/R parts braze welding.
3.High induction heating efficiency, perfect result.
4.Easy to operate, mass production.
5.Automatic robot unload material.
6.Cooperate with GREE, HISENSE, AUX, HARER, etc.

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Product details

1. Ketchan Automatic Induction Heating Machine

  Ketchan automatic induction heating machine is developed to solve the refrigeration accessories brazing welding specially developed an energy-saving and efficient brazing equipment. The complete automatic induction heating machine has the advantages of high welding efficiency, good melting depth, high yield, easy operation, a heating position far from the operator, and so on. As soon as it is put into the market, it has been highly appraised and recognized by the majority of our users. After product generations upgrades and improvements. At present, our automatic induction heating machines have been standardized and mass-produced. Mainly used in air conditioning pipe fittings welding, automotive pipe fittings welding, bathroom fittings welding, and other fields.

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2. Ketchan Automatic Induction Heating Machine Parameters

Intelligent Turntable Automatic Induction Heating Machine   Parameters

Product   Model


Working   Stations Quantity   

8 Groups   16 Stations

Welding   Beat

(8-15S)   /2Pics

Operator   Request

 1 person

High   Frequency Heater Model

Full   Digital KQ-40D

Induction   Heater Quantity

 2 Sets

Load   Material Form

Manual   feeding automatic welding

Unloading   Material Form

Manual or   Automatic blanking

Display   Screen Size

10-inch   touch screen

High   Frequency Machine Model

DSP full   digital Control

Segmented   Heating

5 sections

Store   Products Quantity

8 kinds

Max. Power


Max. Input   Current


Rated   Power


Rated   Current


Motor Type

Servo   motor

Maximum   Lift Stroke


Inductor   Lifting Speed


Elevation   Accuracy


Tooling   Base Type

Special ceramics

Tooling   Base Type Quantity

16 Pics

Nitrogen   Protection Function


Air Cooled   Function

Equipped   with air cooling

Water   Cooling Function

Independent   water cooling system

Lighting   Function

Stations,   switch box lighting

Working   Table Material

Aluminum   alloy

Water Tank   Type

304   stainless steel

Equipment   Overall Size


Equipment   Weight


Industrial   Chiller


Water   Quality Requirement

Unfolded   purified water

Cooling   Water Flow


Cooling   Water Pressure

4-8 Bar

Cooling   Water Max. Inlet Temperature


Cooling   Water pH


3. Ketchan Automatic Induction Heating Machine Features

 Load Material: Ketchan turntable automatic induction heating machine normal with manually load material, equip with one operator. Operators only need to place the product in the appropriate position to carry out automatic welding. There is no need to manually adjust the equipment parameters. The product parameters are well set, the corresponding product parameters can be called out when working.

② Automatic induction heating: After the automatic induction heating machine turntable is set to the automatic welding mode, the operator will place the to-be welded products on the corresponding tooling, and the turntable will automatically rotate to the next testing station. Automatic welding, air cooling, water cooling and material receiving functions will be carried out when products are detected at the testing station. If no welding product is detected, it will automatically rotate but no longer run the next steps.

③ Automatic Unloading Material with Robot: the turntable automatic induction heating machine unloading material is divided into two kinds: One is automatic unloading, you can choose robot unloading, And also choose an automatic device. Self-unloading material is suitable for assembly line operation. Using robot unload material can be flexible docking next station. The other is an artificial material collection, In the case of simple welding products, loading and unloading can be performed by the same operator.

④ High Yield: When you need a large amount of welding production, the Ketchan turntable automatic induction heating machine is your best choice. Not only can meet your production needs, but also can save labor costs, convenient for management. No matter what products you do we can design a full range of welding programs for your applications.

⑤ High Quality: Turntable automatic induction heating machine has the incomparable deep penetration effect of automatic flame brazing and manual brazing. Induction brazing of pipe joints can reach the deepest penetration. Also, the induction brazing time is short the surface joint is less oxidized. The grain size of the copper tube is also better than that of flame welding.

⑥ Energy-saving, good environment, and safety: Turntable automatic induction heating machines have more advantages than flame automatic brazing in energy saving and convenience. Turntable induction brazing only starts high frequency machine when brazing, the rest time was in standby mode. And the turntable flame brazing, in the whole process, whether welding product or not, the flame has been always in a burning state. A lot of gas is wasted low energy conversion rate. In the environmental protection induction brazing basically does not produce pollution gas, also does not need a complex gas pipeline, to protect the worker’s health and safety well.

⑦ Good Stability and High Reliability: Ketchan turntable automatic induction heating machine, equipped with two digital induction heating power supplies, to ensure welding reliability. Equipped with two sets of servo motors to achieve mobile heating. In addition, the equipment is equipped with air cooling, water cooling, nitrogen, and other protection functions. Each part of the equipment has been verified many times in the actual production to ensure the equipment’s high reliability and high stability.

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4. Automatic Induction Heating Machine Applications

  Ketchan automatic induction heating machine is mainly used in household appliances industry, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, hardware, electromechanical, refrigeration, heating and ventilation, and other industries and fields induction brazing welding applications.

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