Automatic Induction Brazing System 1

Automatic Induction Brazing System

1. It is an automatic induction brazing system.
2. Developed for HVAC brass distributor welding.
3.Fast brazing speed for mass production.
4. Each day can braze about 12000 pieces.
5. Cooperate with GREE, AUX, HAIER, MIDEA, HISENSE.

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Product details

1. What is Ketchan Automatic Induction Brazing System?

  Ketchan linear automatic induction brazing system is a patent product. It is specially used for welding Gree 2, 3, and 4 hole brass distributors. This automatic induction brazing system has the characteristics of high efficiency, high yield, low scrap rate, energy saving, environmental protection and safety, less fault, good melting depth, low noise, etc. Linear equipment has been used in Gree, Midea, Haier, Aux, Hisense, and other supplier bases. Compared with automatic flame welding, the straight line automatic induction brazing system can save about 1/3 of the energy. According to the customer’s actual feedback, the maximum output can reach 12,000 weldments per day. In addition, the linear automatic induction brazing equipment uses electric energy as the energy source, so that the artificial working environment is away from the flame, thus greatly improving the workers’ working environment.

2. What is Ketchan Automatic Induction Brazing System Parameters

Automatic Induction Brazing System 6

3. What are Ketchan Induction Brazing System Advantages?

◇ High efficiency: Ketchan linear automatic induction brazing system in the welding Gree AC 2, 3, 4 hole distributor efficiency is other equipment and welder can not be compared with. A straight-line automatic induction brazing system can replace 3-4 welders’ work. The equipment can weld 900-1200 products per hour, and the equipment can work continuously for 24 hours. It only takes an ordinary worker to operate, workers only need to place the products in place, and the induction brazing equipment is automatically welded and blanked in the assembly line form.

◇ High Quality: The principle of the Ketchan linear automatic induction brazing system is to heat the product through electromagnetic induction, the magnetic field can completely penetrate the workpiece, so as to ensure the workpiece’s heating uniformity. Therefore, the distributors’ welding depth can be 100% to the bottom, and there are fewer faults, these are things that automatic flame welding and manual welding cannot do. The straight-line induction brazing equipment welding distributor surface oxidation less, simple ultrasonic cleaning can be ok.

◇ Energy saving, good environment, and safety: Compared with automatic flame welding, a linear automatic induction brazing system can save about 1/3 of energy, it is the real data that the user actually measured with the electricity meter. Linear equipment in the welding process basically does not produce pollution gas, noise is very small, in line with the environmental assessment standards. Besides, it does not need to lay complex gas pipelines, which not only improves the workshop environment but also reduces safety risks.

◇ High stability and reliability: Ketchan linear automatic induction brazing system actively adopts user feedback information, timely improvement, after several products generations are constantly updated, has been standardized, mass production. The linear equipment is equipped with a digital induction heating power supply to ensure welding reliability and stability. The Japan imported chain is used to ensure smooth operation. The structure is constantly optimized in the design. For the purpose of simplicity and practicality, the hidden trouble is avoided as far as possible to ensure the brazing equipment’s high stability and reliability.

4. What is Ketchan Automatic Induction Brazing System Applications

  Zhengzhou Ketchan linear automatic induction brazing system is mainly used in the appliance industry, machinery manufacturing industry, medical equipment industry, hardware industry, aerospace industry, refrigeration and heating and ventilation industry, all kinds of pipes, tubes, and other metal parts automatic induction brazing work, suitable for mass production, high work efficiency.

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