High Frequency Heating Machine 1

High Frequency Heating Machine

We've been focusing on induction heating for 20 years, with rich experience in heat treatment, we provide the most suitable heat treatment solutions for each of our users. Our high frequency heating machines have obtained CE, SGS, ISO9001 certifications.

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Product details

Technical parameters of High Frequency Heating Machine

● Power range: 5-400KW

● Frequency range: 20-80KHZ

● Power factor: >0.95

● Resonance mode: series resonance

● Power adjustment mode: Frequency modulation, pulse density modulation

● Control mode: analog circuit

● Control precision: >1%

● Application field: Heat treatment, forging, brazing welding, hardening, and so on.

Technical advantages of High Frequency Heating Machine

● Hundreds of type High Frequency Heating Machines in stock supply, no matter what your heating workpiece, can find suitable equipment for your heating job.

● Save-energy more than 50% than electron tube, energy-saving 20% more than SCR. In the same equipment according to the accuracy and selection of configuration, no power can be minimized.

● Low-cost induction coil making, width ratios of equipment performance, multi-function process, let you use handy.

● Small volume, lightweight, convenient to move, and no million volts, no high risk more safe operation.

● Digital automatic control, has the full-automatic and manual, semiautomatic functions, also it has the heating, cooling, heat preservation time control functions.

● Perfect protection functions such as over-pressure, over current, lack of water, lack of phase, overheating, etc.

● Auto tracking frequency, the power can be adjusted to maximum.

● The unique water cooling cycle system, ensure equipment 24 hours of continuous work.

Application cases of High Frequency Heating Machine

High frequency induction heating

After-sales service

Pre-sales: checking customer’s drawings and choose the suitable induction heating solutions, do the related technical proposal for users.

In- sales: install the induction heating machines, process debugging, operation training, and technology acceptance.

After-sales: follow up the sale service, 1-hour fast response, 24 hours onsite solving the problem.

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