Industrial Infrared Thermometer 1

Industrial Infrared Thermometer

1. High temperature resistance, long-distance measurement capability.
2. Large distance coefficient, accurate measurement of the temperature of small high-temperature targets.
3. Adjustable focal length, 5 ms high-speed response.
4. Digital real-time display.
5. Laser azimuth indicator line.

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Introduction of Industrial Infrared Thermometer:

  Any object has infrared radiation, the intensity of which varies with temperature. The wavelength range of thermal radiation used in infrared temperature measurement

  1 mum – 20 microns. The radiation intensity of an object depends on the material of the object, and we use a known constant to describe the emission of various materials

The characteristic of infrared radiation is emissivity.

  The A temperature sensor is a photoelectronic sensor that receives infrared radiation and converts it into measurable electrical signals, mainly including the following

  Components: Lens;Detector, electronic circuit (amplifier/linearization/signal processing).

  The size of the lens determines the optical path of the sensor, which is represented by the ratio of distance to spot size.

  The spectral filter selects the spectrum range related to temperature measurement, and the detector works with the electronic circuit to convert the energy of infrared radiation into electrical signals.

  Our factory provides a variety of infrared temperature sensors, length, and length of focal length adjustable. A high-temperature resistant measuring element is adopted to measure temperature change online for a long time. Timely and accurate data transmission, low labor intensity, no maintenance required. Adopt the latest anti-jamming measure, the anti-jamming ability is very strong.

Industrial Infrared Thermometer

Features of Industrial Infrared Thermometer:

● Fully sealed, waterproof, dustproof, high temperature, and pressure resistant.

● Stainless steel housing, extra-large distance coefficient.

● The beam is resistant to a high temperature of 300℃, with good industrial site protection capability.

● With LCD backlight temperature display, easy to adjust parameters on site.

● It can measure temperature for a long distance with a laser beam to indicate the measurement direction.

Industrial Infrared Thermometer

Applications of Industrial Infrared Thermometer:

  An industrial infrared thermometer is widely used in medium and high-frequency induction heating furnaces, welding, heat treatment quenching, tempering, preheating tooling, smelting, and other industries.

 Infrared Thermometer for testing temperature

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