Induction Heating Coil 1

Induction Heating Coil

1. Can customize different induction heating coils.
2. Easy to assemble.
3. Good magnetic fields distribution.
4. With famous brand magnetizer.
5. Fastness and durability.

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Product details

Technical parameters of Induction Heating Coil

  According to the customer’s heated parts and technical request to design and make a suitable induction heating coil.

Features of Induction Heating Coil

● Using an oxygen-free copper bus power supply, feeding efficiency is high, electromagnetic radiation is small, low loss.

● Induction coil and workpiece contact, no wear, strong adaptability.

● Multi-support, no deformation, long life.

● It is designed to connect with the platen of the auxiliary engine, which can be removed easily and extend the service life.

● Induction heating coil professional design, side heating side water, workpiece deformation is minimal.

Application cases of Induction Heating Coil

Induction Coil

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