High Frequency Induction Soldering Machine 3

High Frequency Induction Soldering Machine

Our high frequency induction soldering machines have the fast soldering speed, perfect brazing result, adjustable temperature range, wide heating parts ranges and less power consumption features.

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Product details

Technical features of High Frequency Induction Soldering Machine

  Our high frequency induction soldering machine adopts the Siemens IGBT full solid-state induction heating power supply. The application in the induction soldering field has the following characteristics.

◆ Fast heating speed: the fastest speed is less than 1 second, the heating speed can be controlled.

◆ Wide application fields: can heat all kinds of metal parts(different parts match different induction brazing coils).

◆ Power saving: can save energy up to 95%.

◆ Perfect heating result: the workpiece surface heating is uniform, fast temperature rising.

◆ Lightweight, small volume, easy to move.

◆ Easy to operate and install.

◆ Green environment.

◆ No high voltage.

Power choice principle of High Frequency Induction Soldering Machine

  The high-frequency induction soldering machine power determines the workpiece heating speed and the frequency determines the temperature difference between the workpiece inside and outside.

Application cases of High Frequency Induction Soldering Machine

  In the real application fields, our high-frequency induction soldering machines are mainly used for the metal tubes, joint hoses brazing, welding, shrinkage fitting, and heat fusion fields.

High Frequency Induction Soldering

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