Induction Scanning Systems

Induction Scanning Systems

1. Induction scanning system for vernier caliper heat treatment.
2. Adopt full automatic structure.
3. Match 2 sets induction heating machines.
4. With CNC control programs.
5. Advanced heat treatment, uniform result.

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Product details

What is the Vernier caliper hardening process?

  Vernier caliper ruler box automatic induction scanning system design two induction heating stations, multi-station silo automatic feeding material to the place, servo push rod feeding the material automatically, manipulator clamping parts automatically in place of induction heating quenching, the shift manipulator realizes the two heating stations conversion. After hardened parts automatically fall to the multi-station feeding tray. The whole induction quenching process program can be automatically controlled.

Advantages of Induction Scanning System

● The vernier caliper induction scanning system adopts an automatic structure, equipped with two sets of induction heating power supply to realize the three working faces at different induction heating stations.

● The system is equipped with six-station automatic loading and unloading device, a servo pusher device, a two-axis mobile manipulator, and an asynchronous shift manipulator to realize the full-automatic parts induction heat treatment operation jobs.

● The servo linear moving unit is used to push the material, and the parts moving position is controlled accurately.

● Two sets of induction heating power supply use MOSFET transistor high-frequency power supply, the transformer can realize three-axis movement adjustments. Servo feed movement.

● The CNC scanning machine is integrated with the induction heating power supply and water circulation cooling system, and the complete set of equipment can be installed and used directly in the production line.

● With the induction heating condition monitoring system, the induction heat treatment process parameters can be displayed, recorded, and stored in real-time.

● CNC control system, keyboard input, storage quenching program number, automatic control of the working process.

● The equipment has good reliability, convenient process adjustment, simple operation, and perfect protection function.

Why choose our induction scanning system?

● We are in the induction heat treatment field since 2000, have rich experience in doing different induction heat treatment projects. The vernier caliper induction scanning system is just one of our featured heat treatment production line.

● We have a strong technical team, can design, make different parts induction hardening technical proposal along with quotations.

● Most of our induction heat treatment lines are turnkey projects.

● We support free tests for the hardening process with the user-supplied parts.

● We have a perfect after-sales team also to ensure each of our systems can serve our users well.

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