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SPG Induction Heating Machine

20 years focus on the RF induction heating equipment production and research.
We provide you not only the premium product, but also tailor-made heating equipment solution for your project.
IGBT series resonance circuit, much easier, more energy-saving.

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Product details

Main characteristics of SPG Induction Heating Machine

◆ Our SPG Induction Heating Machine adopt Infineon IGBT components, the heater has higher reliability and lower maintenance cost, the induction heating machine frequency range can reach 150KHZ.

◆ 100% load persistence rate, 24 hours non-stop working under the high power condition.

◆ With constant current, power control functions, the heating efficiency is much higher.

◆ Full display of output power, frequency, and current.

◆ Simple installation, only electricity, and water connection than can be used, do not need special installation;

◆ Miniaturization, saving equipment installation space, and convenient maintenance.

Main applications of SPG Induction Heating Machine

Our SPG Induction Heating Machine series are suitable for many different working conditions and workpieces heating jobs. Like gear and shaft hardening heat treatment process, water-cooled crucible magnetic suspension melting and steel wire continuous annealing, etc.

RF Induction Heating Equipment application

SPG Induction Heating Machine Working principles

SPG Induction Heating Machine adopts a series resonance circuit. After resonance, the high-frequency power supply with low voltage and a large current is output through a high-frequency transformer.

This series of SPG Induction Heating Machine adopts IGBT power devices and our company’s third generation of variable current control technology – dual control variable current control technology. In this technique, the power and frequency conversion control independently, IGBT switching device and amorphous inductance are adopted to form the high-frequency chopper circuit to adjust power, using IGBT series resonance and frequency automatic tracking technology for precise control of the soft switch inverter process, make the work reliability of the equipment under high power is greatly increased, makes the equipment developed in the field of high power, equipment, and temporary load rate achieved 100%.

Why Choose our SPG Induction Heating Machine?

◆ We are a manufacturer supplier directly.

◆ Been in induction heating fields for more than 20 years, we are more experienced.

◆ We have more than 20 technical teams provide you the most suitable heating solution.

◆ We are in foreign business trade for about 20 years. We know each export process much better and professional.

◆ We support the overseas installation.

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