Ring Induction Hardening Machine 2

Ring Digital Hardening System

1. Ring Digital Hardening System.
2. Used for ring single tooth or raceway scanning hardening.
3. Rectangular linear guide rail is adopted
4. Touch screen and PLC/Siemens 808D/828D.
5. Working station 1 or 2.
6. Good hardening result.

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Product details

Structure of Ring Digital Hardening System

  The ring induction hardening machine system is mainly for the whole ring gear hardening and ring gear single tooth hardening jobs. It is a complete induction hardening system, we provide the turnkey project.

Gear Induction Hardening Machine

Technical parameters of Ring Digital Hardening System

  Ring induction hardening machines are mainly used for the bearing inner raceway, outer raceway continuously scanning hardening, single teeth induction hardening projects. The products range we have done before.

● Maximum heated parts diameter range: 300-5000mm.

● Maximum heated parts height:400mm.

● Maximum heated parts weight: 500Kg

Slewing Ring Induction Hardening

How to do the ring parts hardening process whit Ring Digital Hardening System?

● The project according to the bearing ring induction hardening technical requests, the CNC induction hardening machine adopts the transformer lifting movement, radial feeding movement, and lateral movement structure.

● Use DSP digital induction heating power supply, match the hardening transformer, can work with the different size induction heating coils, through adjusting the load matching to reach the perfect heating result.

● The hardening transformer and the induction coil moves with the servo motor drive, ball screw drive, moving guide is the linear guide, the moving position can be precisely controlled.

● The CNC hardening machine tool body adopts a gantry type structure, on the beam design the horizontal moving sliding table, can realize the induction heating coil radial moving. On the moving beam design induction, heating coil lifting and lateral moving slide table can realize the induction coil lifting and horizontal movement. The induction heating load design is installed on the lateral moving slide.


● How can I get the detailed bearing Ring Digital Hardening System technical proposal and quotation?

  Once we get your parts details and technical request, we will find if we have done in our technical data bank, and if we have done it, we will directly quote you. If we have never done it before, you can send you part samples to us for testing and conclude the hardening process data, then can quote you accordingly.

  Finding a suitable induction hardening solution is our development driving force.

● Will you arrange an engineer for an onsite service?

  Yeah, our engineers have a passport that can come abroad, but the buyer should take the tickets, accommodation, and each day 80-100USD cost.

● How can I know the hardening process?

  We will send you the project whole hardening process, we will mark the hardening process data and also adjust well to send you with the machine.

● How I can pay for you?

  You can pay us 50% T/T as the advanced amount, after finishing the machine, you can come to visit us and them pay the balanced amount before shipment.

● What is your delivery time for the machine?

  Normally for 30-60 working days after receiving your advanced payment.

● What is your warranty?

  12 months.

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