Post Weld Heat Treatment Machine 4

Post Weld Heat Treatment Equipment

1.Post Weld Heat Treatment Equipment main used for pipe heating.
2.With PLC touch screen controller.
3.Fully automatic visualization process curve.
4.Advanced temperature control technology.
5.Automatic high power factor control.

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Product details

Applications of PPost Weld Heat Treatment Equipment

  The post weld heat treatment equipment is mainly suitable for preheating before welding, heat treatment after welding, assembly, preheating, coating preheating, die heating, pipeline media, and reactor heating.

Technical parameters of Post Weld Heat Treatment equipment

● Input voltage:3*380V 50/60Hz

● Output frequency:2-36Khz

● Output power:20Kw.30Kw,40Kw,60Kw,80Kw,100Kw,120Kw.

● Cooling method: Air cooling

● Working environment: -10℃-40℃

● Heating temperature:-10℃-1100℃

● Induction Coil:10-45m air cooling.

● Temperature controller: Match.

● K shape thermocouple: can match 5-45m extension cord

Technical features of Post Weld Heat Treatment equipment

◆ Air cooled: Avoid the inconvenience caused by low ambient temperature and water cooling.

◆ Fast and efficient heating: Direct heating of metal parts rather than electrical resistance heating, oil heating, or gas heating to transfer heat to the metal.

◆ Heat preservation: During heating no need contact metal. Heat preservation blanket can be adopted between the induction ring and the metal to improve the heat utilization rate.

◆ With PLC touch screen controller.

◆ Flexible induction coil: it can be wound according to the shape of the workpiece and the specific heating part.

◆ Movable open induction ring: easy to operate.

◆ Temperature recorder: Records the whole heating process and automatically generates a heating temperature curve.

◆ Temperature controller: Control the whole heating process within the error range of ±3℃.

Advantages of Post Weld Heat Treatment equipment

The post weld heat treatment equipment to compare the resistant heater.

● Uniform

● High speed

● Energy Saving: 30-80%

Machine Spare parts

Post Weld Heat Treatment Machine


● What is your machine warranty?

1 year

● How to install the post weld heat treatment equipment?

We will send you the document to give guide you install the machine, if not we can send you the videos and even we can send engineers for onsite service.

● How to package the equipment?

With the standard export package, plywood cases.

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