Portable Induction Brazing Machine 1

Portable Soldering Welder

1. All-in-one Portable Soldering Welder with chiller.
2. Have wheels easy to moving heating.
3. High control precision, suitable for different heating coil.
4. Stable design to ensure IGBT running well.
5. More efficiency, high power factor.
6. Can control the heating temperature.

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Product details

Applications of Portable Soldering Welder

● Hardware industry: lighting accessories, precision mold accessories, hardware handle, egg beater, drill bit, alloy steel and steel, steel and copper, copper and copper equivalent metal or different metal brazing welding.

● Tool industry: diamond tool, carbide turning tool, tungsten steel tool, milling cutter, reamer, planer tool welding;

● Home appliance industry: composite pot bottom, stainless steel flat bottom, aluminum sheet, and electric heat pipelines welding.

● Plumbing industry: welding of the faucet, water pipe joints, etc.;

● Refrigeration industry: air conditioning shunt, air conditioning mirror, air conditioning condenser, air conditioning pipe, copper pipe welding.

● Medical industry: welding needle, detector, scalpel, etc.

● The welding of mine tools, such as “one” word bit, column bit, dovetail bit, riveting bit, all kinds of shearer cutting teeth, all kinds of road header cutting teeth brazing welding.

Portable Induction Brazing Machine

Technical features of Portable Soldering Welder

● Combine the portable induction brazing machine and the industrial chiller together. Easy to move, can flexible finish the heating brazing jobs.

● High heating efficiency: With a very high coupling coefficient, reduce consumption, and save electricity.

● Fewer water pipelines, very simple installation, portable operation, better heat dissipation.

● Do complex workpiece brazing: the portable induction machine can do the complex workpiece with remote water-cooled cables, can realize the long-distance brazing welding jobs.

● The working environment is very clean, with no flame, no gas, green to the environment.

● With the HMI touch screen, all the working data can display on the touch screen.

● Meet high strength automatic working environment.

● With patented main cards and durable quality.

Portable Induction Brazing Heater


● How to choose a suitable portable induction brazing machine?

Write to us and tell us the details of your heated part, we will reply to you in 2 hours and give you our technical suggestions.

● Can you customize the Portable Soldering Welder?

Yes, as per your heated parts technical request, we can customize the power, frequency, coil, and also cable length.

● Delivery time?

Normally 3-10 working days after getting your payment.

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