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Industrial Induction Heating Furnace

Delicated to the industrial induction heating furnace fields 20 years. We insist on providing first-class equipment, exquisite heat treatment technology, and sincerely help each user to find the most suitable heat treatment scheme.
We have strong technician team, can respond to your questions professionally and quickly.

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What’s Induction heating?

  Induction heating is a kind of metal heating method by means of electromagnetic induction. The industrial Induction Heating Machine is mainly used in smelting, welding, heat treatment, thermal forging, thermal matching, and other processes.

  The industrial induction heating machine’s main primary indicator is power and frequency. They are the two important factors for model choice.

  The high-frequency level, the less hardening depth, the lower frequency level, the depth hardening depth.

  The induction heating power level decides the heating speed, according to the workpiece weight, heating temperature, and heating speed request to choose the suitable induction heating machine power level.

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Technical advantages of Industrial Induction Heating Furnace

● Adopt IGBT variable frequency control technology, high efficiency and energy saving, high output power.

● With constant current and constant power control functions, the metal heating process is optimized to achieve efficient and rapid heating.

● Has the heat – hold – cool three-time setting functions, separate regulation of the heating, and insulation power.

● Up to 10 failover status protections and displays, like over-current, over-voltage, lack of water, lack phase, and so on. Provides higher reliability and durability.

● No high voltage, safety operation.

● 100% full load design, can 24 hours continuously working.

Application cases of Industrial Induction Heating Furnace

Induction heating machine applications

Packing list of Industrial Induction Heating Furnace

● Induction heating unit 1 set

● Induction heating transformer 1 set

● Footswitch 1 piece

● Induction heating coil 1 piece

● Cables between the induction machine and transformer 1 pair

● Fuse 5 pieces

● Hose clamps 5 pieces

● Manual book 1 piece

After-sales service

More than 30 offices throughout the country, with perfect pre-sale and after-sale service system, with professional treatment to ensure that your engineers, worry-free of technology, Free installation debugging, free technical training

Product three containing policy, lifelong maintenance, the warranty period is one year.

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