Quenching Transformer 1

Induction Tempering Transformer

1. Multi Induction Tempering Transformers for different cases.
2. With match range with different induction coils.
3. Easy to operate, fast connection.
4. Meet all kinds of heating applications.

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Product details

Catalog of Quenching Transformer

● General transformer: use simple, simple structure, need to adjust the induction heating coils to reach the best matching.

● Multi-ratio transformer: Adapt all kinds of different induction heating coils match, through adjusting the different turn ratios to reach the best matching result with the heating load.

● Handheld transformer: Concentrated energy, small size, but single variable ratio, more suitable for a fixed load.

Parameters of Quenching Transformer

● Volume range:300KVA-5000KVA

● Frequency:0.1-1100KHZ

Features of Quenching Transformer

● With the polytropic ratio structure design and wide matching range, the best matching can be achieved for any induction coil shapes.

● Small magnetic flux leakage, low loss, more power saving for you.

● Easy to operate and adjust;

● Induction heating transformer with a neat appearance and easy to install.

Picture display of Quenching Transformer

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