Induction Hardening Coil 3

Induction Heating Hardening Coil For Induction Heating Machine

1. Design different induction hardening coils.
2. High making precision.
3. With good quality copper tube.
4. Long using life.
5. High strength, durable application.

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Product details

Technical parameters of Induction Hardening Coil

  Induction hardening coil made according to the customers’ detailed technical requirements.

Features of Induction Hardening Coil

→ Magnetic field distribution and design are precise, high efficient, and energy-saving.

→ Use with the magnetizer, easy to adjust the magnetic field intensity.

→ Easy disassembly, exchangeability.

→ Fastness and durability

Pictures of Induction Hardening Coil

Induction Hardening Coil

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