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Our digital magnetic induction heating equipment adopt special diode protection technology, never burn diode, IGBT protection technology to make IGBT longer life.
Suitable for a variety of incoming voltages(380V/575V/660V).

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Technical parameters of Magnetic Induction Heating Equipment

  Our DSP digital magnetic induction heating equipment all adopt German IGBT as its core component. Power range from 100-5000KW, with frequency range 0.2-50KHZ, power factor bigger than 95%.

Magnetic Induction Heating Equipment

Main features of Magnetic Induction Heating Equipment

◆ Variable frequency adaptive: magnetic induction heating equipment frequency range is 0.2KHZ-50khz, after process adjustment and load changed, the power frequency will automatically track to the load optimal resonant frequency.

◆ Automatic power regulation: 10%-100 power level adjust freely.

◆ High power factor: more than 95%.

◆ 100% startup success rate.

◆ Can customized different voltage magnetic induction heating equipment.

Magnetic Induction Heating Machine

Application fields of Magnetic Induction Heating Equipment

DSP digital magnetic induction heating equipment is mainly used for hot forging, melting, quenching, and tempering, and another heating process.

 Induction Heating Equipment application

How to choose a Magnetic Induction Heating Equipment?

Medium frequency induction furnace has two main parameters, one is power, one is frequency.

◆ Power: decide the heating speed, the bigger power, the faster the heating speed.

According to the workpiece weight and heating temperature and the required heating speed to choose the suitable machine power.

◆ Frequency: The depth at which heat penetrates the workpiece depends on the frequency, and the higher the frequency, the shallower the heat penetrates.

In total, the higher the frequency range, the less heating depth. The lower the frequency range, the deeper the heating depth. If you do not know how to choose a suitable model, please call 0086-15237153056 for more.

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