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In Line Bright Annealing Flexible Hose Pipe Production Machine

Induction annealing machine adopts imported IGBT and MOSFET power component and unique frequency variable technology.
Make the induction machine much more reliabile, durabile, effective and energy-saving.
Wide power and frequency range can cover all kinds of metal parts annealing jobs.

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Product details

Machine features of Induction Annealing Machine

● The induction annealing machine adopts IGBT power components and variable current control technology. The machine is much more stable with low maintenance costs.

● With the imported IGBT module, the machine frequency can reach 1100KHZ.

● Under the big power level, a 100% duty cycle, can 24 hours non-stop working.

● Constant current and constant power functions make the heating efficiency is much higher.

● Can display the output power, frequency, and current.

● Easy installation, just need to connect the water and electricity can start the operation.

● Small machine volume and save places.

● Can adjust the heating temperature, heating power, and time, to improve the quality of the heated parts and save the labor cost.

Applications of Induction Annealing Machine

● All kinds of auto parts annealing, like a shaft, gears, and other parts.

● All kinds of stainless steel online annealing applications.

● Precision hardware parts annealing.

● Cooking utensil annealing and so on.

● All kinds of wire online annealing

Induction Annealing

The recommended cooling methods

● Simple circulating water tank, low cost, unable to control water temperature;

The water pump suggests choosing a good quality booster pump.

● Use industrial chiller: is the cost is a little higher, with self-cooling functions that can control the water temperature very well. The industrial chiller can reduce the induction annealing machine using a problem caused by water, and prolong the machine service life.

How to choose a suitable induction annealing machine?

● Tell us your annealing parts details, drawings will be appreciated, then your request on the annealing process, our technical team will make a basic technical proposal for you.

● If the parts annealing, we have no done it before, the buyer can provide the heated parts to us, we can first test the heated parts annealing process and then make a conclusion for the whole process.

● After confirming which model induction annealing machine finishes the parts request job. We will quote you accordingly and also will provide the whole heat treatment technical process of the Induction annealing machine for our user’s real production.

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