High Frequency Induction Bending Machine 2

IGBT Induction Bending

IGBT Induction Bending machine is mainly used for pipe annular induction heating.
Make the steel pipe rapidly rise to the required temperature (generally 800-1000℃).
Output pulse is stable and energy-saving.

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Product details

Range of IGBT Induction Bending Machine

◆ This IGBT Induction Bending Machine’s maximum bending pipe bending diameter is Φ 762 mm, wall thickness is 25 mm; The minimum pipe diameter is Φ 273 mm, wall thickness is 6 mm. The bending radius is 2.5m≤R≤20m, can process the maximum length of 14m. can bend 400 * 400, 300 * 300 square tube.

◆ Bend pipe wall thinning rate: < 10%, the bent pipe ovality: < 10%, the wave degrees: hot h / < 2%, flatness: L = 500 < 3, bending radius tolerance < ±10 mm, bending Angle error is ±1°.

◆ The material for bending the bending pipe:

A: Carbon steel seamless pipe, 20G, A106B, A106C, 235B, 345B, X42,X52,X60 material.

B: Alloy steel: 335P12, P22, P91, 12Cr1MoVG, WB36, and so on.

High Frequency Induction Bending Machine

Technical parameters of IGBT Induction Bending Machine

◆ Medium frequency power 500KW, frequency 1000HZ.

◆ Medium frequency transformer 1000V-2500KVA-1S.

◆ Capacitor box 1000V-2000kar-1S 3 pieces

◆ Round coil 6 pieces: Φ273, Φ325, Φ406, Φ508, Φ610, Φ762

◆ Square coil 2 pieces: 400*400,300*300

◆ Pure water cooling unit one set, model is FLHB-40T.

◆ Isolation transformer one set.

 Induction Bending Machine

FAQ of IGBT Induction Bending Machine

◆ What is the advantage compared to others?

Our High Frequency Induction Bending Machine has excellent reliability 100% solid-state design advanced technology, we are a manufacturer with a strong technical team, can make the suitable induction machine design plan to ensure to meet customer’s technical requests.

◆ If the machine meets fault, how could you help us to solve it?

We have a professional engineering team, can respond timely. If the customer meets the machine faulty. Can take a video for us we will analyze the machine problems and provide the related technical solving methods. If can not solve the problem, we provide the overseas sales service as well.

◆ What is your warranty?

Our all machines’ standard warranty is 12 months after the machine installation.

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