High Frequency Induction Quenching Machine 1

IGBT Automatic 25kw High Frequency Induction Heating Device For Mold Thimble Quenching Hardening

All of our high frequency induction quenching machine with Germany IGBT module.
Big output power and stable functions, can contineously working at high temperature.
Long service life, inverter effect energy saving up to 30%.

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Product details

Features of High Frequency Induction Quenching Machine

◆ All of our high-frequency induction quenching machines is the German original Siemens IGBT power module.

◆ 90% of the equipment problems are caused by substandard water quality. The internal circulating water system is one of the supporting equipment specially designed by our company to improve the stability of intermediate frequency power supply. It can greatly improve the stability of power supply, and is economical and practical, with high-cost performance.

◆ Fast heating speed.

◆ Wide application fields.

◆ Easy installation.

◆ Convenient to operate.

◆ Less power consumption.

High Frequency Induction Quenching Machine Application fields

Induction Quenching Machine

Choice principle of High Frequency Induction Quenching Machine

◆ For brazing job: The larger the welding volume is, the lower the frequency should be.

◆ For forging: Choose the right power according to the production efficiency, the higher the power, the faster the speed. Specific technical proposal consult company technical personnel.

◆ For heat treatment: In combination with the shape of the workpiece, quenching mode, quenching hardness, quenching layer requirements, and materials, the specific technical personnel can be consulted.

◆ For melting: It depends on the furnace and production efficiency.

Our sales service

◆ We provide the whole high frequency induction quenching machine warranty period is 12 months.

◆ We have strong sales and after-sales service team, before sales service, our team can according to customer’s requests do the related technical proposal for our users. After-sales, our team will provide an induction heating machine system installation and technical training.

High Frequency Quenching Machine

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