Induction Hardening Machine 1

IF Induction Hardening Machine

1. IF Induction Hardening Machine with IGBT series circuit.
2. Perfect self-protection functions.
3. Match multi-ratio hardening transformers.
4. No high working voltage.
5. One button operation, easy to learn.
6. Perfect after sales service.
7. 24 hours online service.

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Product details

Technical data of IF Induction Hardening Machine

  IF Induction hardening machine with wide power and frequency range and mainly used for the auto parts and other parts induction heat treatment field.

Induction Hardening Machine

Power range


Frequency range



380V 460V 480V 50HZ/60HZ

Power factor


Control Precision


Resonance Mode

Series resonance

Power Adjustment Mode

chopper power adjustment

Application field

Heat treatment(hardening, tempering, annealing, hardening&tempering), hot forging, melting, crystal growth, induction evaporation, forging, casting, and so on.

Choice principle of IF Induction Hardening Machine

  The shallower the quenching layer is, the higher the frequency should be.

◆ Hardening depth below 1mmshould use a frequency range 100-500KHZ.

◆ Hardening depth 1-2.5mm should use a high-frequency range 20-100KHZ.

◆ Hardening depth above 2.5mm should use a medium frequency range 0.1-20KHZ.

  In combination with the workpiece shape, quenching mode, quenching hardness, quenching layer requirements, and materials, specific technical personnel can be consulted to recommend the suitable induction hardening machine model for your projects.

Our advantages

  Our company has long served in the induction heat treatment field, with rich practical experience, and a large number of practical cases can solve all kinds of heat treatment problems for you. As per request, the energy monitoring system and special robot system can be configured as required to record, save, and query key production parameters in real-time. For example, voltage, current, power, quenching liquid flow, quenching liquid temperature, etc., and the historical data can be exported for easy viewing. And achieve intelligent automation workshops, MES order management, etc.

Applications of IF Induction Hardening Machine

induction quenching


1. What is your advantage to choosing the Kitchen IF induction hardening machine?

  We are a factory and we have a strong technical team and can timely respond to customer’s questions.

2. If our machine meets fault, how could you help us to solve it?

  We can use video to guide the customer to check where is the machine has some problems and also can timely send the spare parts to customers for timely changing to ensure the machine production not stop for a long time.

3. What is your warranty?

  Our all machines’ standard warranty is 12 months from the date of signing the turning over the document after commission.

 induction hardening machine

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