Induction Pipe Bending Machine 1

Hydraulic Induction Conduit Bender Pipe Tube Bending Machine

1. DSP digital controlled induction pipe bending machine.
2. Match big volume cooling tower to ensure the machine stablility.
3. Easy to change molds.
4. It has three functions: automatic start, emergency stop and tight stop.
5. Professional design can do bigger pipe bending projects.

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Product details

What is the induction pipe bending machine?

  The medium frequency induction pipe bending machine adopts medium frequency induction heating to bend the workpiece under the local heating condition.

  Compared with the general cold pipe bender, not only does not need a complete set special mold, and the volume of the machine only accounts for the same specification of cold pipe bender 1/3 ~ 1/2. Medium frequency hot pipe bending technology is the most economical and effective one among all kinds of existing pipe bending technology.

How to do the bending process whit an Induction Pipe Bending Machine?

  The process of the medium frequency bending pipe is to put an induction ring on the steel pipe part which is to be bent. The pipe head is jammed with a mechanical rotary arm, and the high-density medium frequency current is fed into the induction ring to heat the steel pipe. When the steel pipe temperature reaches the plastic state, the steel pipe’s back end is pushed by a mechanical thrust to make the pipe bend. Simple process flow: heating, pushing, bending, and cooling to complete the bending control.

Induction Pipe Bending Machine

What is the advantage of the induction pipe bending machine?

◇ This process can avoid the uneven thickness phenomenon caused by the pressure of the pipe wall convex edge and concave edge.

◇ With this process, a small radius (R≈D) and the thin wall (T /D≈0.015) 180 elbows with uniform wall thickness can be produced, which cannot be achieved by other pipe bending processes.

◇ If all kinds of technological parameters are designed reasonably, the technology can ensure that the wall thickness of each part of the pipe in the bending process is always unchanged, that is, it is always equal to the wall thickness of the straight pipe before deformation.

◇ With this technology, the bending Angle of 45°, 90°, and 180° with the same Angle mandrel can be produced at one time with higher production efficiency.

◇ The working process is green to the environment and the heating process is clean no pollutions.


◇ What is your warranty period?

All of our induction pipe bending machine warranty period is 1 year, we have the after-sales service department, we can arrive at the customer’s factory for complex problems guidance.

◇ What is your delivery time?

Our delivery time is normally about 10-20 days.

◇ What is your main business market?

Our induction machines sell all over the world and serve thousands of users, we are always on the way to innovation to try our best to serve our users better.

Induction Bending Machine

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